As a long time exile from Saltney, I was fortunate to be given a copy of the Illustrated History of Saltney and Saltney Ferry. This and the later editions have given me a great deal of pleasure and I thank all those involved for their efforts and congratulate them on their wonderful achievement.
Searching the Internet I found the occasional mention of Saltney but really nothing to match the quality and spirit of these booklets. For those who have not been as fortunate, here are some examples to whet your appetite.


On Thursday, 18th September 1986, a group of local people (Neville Shallcross, John Dixon, Jim and Brenda Lowe, Les Foden, Terry Driscol, Peter Timmins) and an 'outsider' (Brian Clark) met at what was to be the first Saltney Local History Group meeting. Since then the Group has met regularly with on average 20-25 people attending each monthly meeting. About 60 have been to at least one of our meetings. The aims of the Saltney Local History Group have been established amongst members as follows:-
To enjoy each others company through a shared interest in our community and its past.
To produce booklets on Saltney and Saltney Ferry's past and;
To provide a bank of educational resource, materials and links with the community for the benefit of school pupils and adults.

The above from the first booklet which was so well received more had to follow.