Images of Saltley Gate

Turn Orgreave into Saltley

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pic Socialist Worker

Engineers arrive and close the gates

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The gates still open

The Birmingham East AUEW banner arrives at the gates

Tractors and Transmissions arrives

The gates are now shut

Arthur Scargill addressing the rally from the urinal

Arthur Scargill and Arthur Harper on the urinal

Police trying to hold back the pickets

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Pictures Courtesy of M J Niels McGuinness

Saltley mass picket

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Trades Council advert to pickets at Saltley Gate

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This Birmingham Trades Council advert was placed in the Birmingham Evening Mail on February 10th 1972

The gates are closed

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This is the moment when the gates at Saltley Coking Works were closed on February 10th 1972

Arthur Harper

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Arthur Harper, President of Birmingham East AUEW who effectively led the solidarity strike. See his article here

The toilet that Arthur Scargill declared victory from

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When the gates were closed on February 10th 1972 Arthur Scargill and Arthur Harper (AUEW Birmingham East President) famously climbed onto a public toilet to declare victory. This was the toilet!
with thanks to Paul Mackney

NUM leaflet from 1972

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With thanks to Paul Mackney

Mural of Saltley Gate

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Mural of The Closure of Saltley Gate (with Dan the artist) which was displayed in the late 1980s, early 1990s at Birmingham Trade Union Studies Centre (at what is now South Birmingham College's Floodgate Street,Digbeth site)
Thanks to Paul Mackney

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