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Close the Gates - the 1972 miners strike, Saltley Gate and the defeat of the Tories

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Glorious Summer

The chapter on the Miners Strike of 1972 carries the story of Saltley Gate.

by Darlington,ralph & Lyddon,dave. Published/Distributed by Bookmarks.

Banner Theatre

produced a play about Saltley Gate in 1976. They did extensive interviews with both miners and car workers who participated in the Battle of Saltley Gate. Transcripts of these interviews are now held in Birmingham Central Library in the Charles Parker Archives ref MS 1611/B/9. They are an invaluable resource. More on Banner Theatre here

The New Unionism.

New Left Review interview with Arthur Scargill from 1975

“Being Frank”: The Memoirs of Frank Watters

Frank Watters was the general secretary of Birmingham Communist Party during the Battle of Saltley Gate

Close the Gates.

Article by Arthur Harper, Birmingham East District President of the AUEW who played a key role in calling the Saltley Gate strike and demo. 

Re-examining the Battle of Saltley Gate: interpretations of leadership, violence and legacy.

University of Bristol dissertation from 2010 by Robert Kellaway

The Miners: The Triumph of 1972 and the Way Ahead.

From International Socialism (1st series), No.57, John Charlton

The following are excellent sources of information and analysis of the late 60s and early 70s.


Incomes Policy, legislation and shop stewards’ by Tony Cliff and Colin Barker. Written to help arm the shop stewards to resist government policy.

This is best read as part of the Tony Cliff compilation ‘In the thick of workers struggle’ Bookmarks


Life on the Track by Frank Henderson. The life story of a Trotskyist who was first involved in politics in the 1940s and spent his life working in car plants, particularly Longbridge in Birmingham. Bookmarks


Occupy! A short history of workers occupations – Dave Sherry Bookmarks


Other useful articles about mass strikes

The Mass Strike – Rosa Luxemburg

Patterns of Mass Strike  - Tony Cliff, International Socialism Journal 2:29 Summer 1985