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Close the Gates by Banner Theatre

Close the Gates

Close the Gates Song Words

Everybody was waiting. It got to about 9 o’clock and I thought God, they get in to work at half past

seven. They call a meeting immediately for about 8 o'clock. Tractors and Transmissions are about 25

minutes walk away. Half eight they should be down here. Half-eight they ain't here. I've got a splitting headache, so I walks up towards the traffic lights.

There was a growing feeling of apprehension amongst the police, and instantly we recognised — there's something wrong, there's something different, there's no traffic moving . . .

Something was coming off. It was like a big cloud in the air.

I've never experienced anything like it in me life.

Wave after wave, after wave of them coming over the hill.

It's a thing I shall never forget. I shall never forget it as long as I live. There were men there, grown

men, with tears in their eyes, crying.

It were as though everybody had just come to their senses. ‘

It makes you go cold when you walked down to Saltley, traffic has completely blocked. Nothing could move buses not nothing. It was just one solid mass of working people.

I was really proud, really proud of the people of Birmingham. The miners did us a good turn in Birmingham that day — they united the trade union movement of Birmingham.

I get to the corner, look up the Washwood Heath Road — and there about eight or nine abreast down the road, they come. Arthur Harper at the front, you know. Barrel-chested, and he's got a big banner. The Miners struggle is our struggle. That’s why they’d been so long making the banner so I thought. well that's it, I'm an ‘engineer -- I’m going in with that lot.

l. The Rover workers came, Close the Gates, Close the Gates,

From Fishers just the same, Close the Gates.

The Women from SU

The Morris workers too

To Saltley Gates they drew, Close the Gates.

2. Down Bromford Lane we came, Close the Gates,

We marched along Drews Lane, Close the Gates,

Down the Tyburn Road,

With heads held high we strode

Our Banners filled the road, Close the Gates.

3. A solid wall we are, Close the Gates, Close the Gates,

Our strength is unity, Close the Gates,

We’ve marched across the years,

Through hunger, doubt and fears,

We are the Engineers, Close the Gates, Close the Gates,

We are the Engineers, Close the Gates.

4. You men of high renown, Close the Gates, Close the Gates.

You servants of the crown, Close the Gates, -

No power in the land,

Can gain the upper hand,

When we united stand, Close the Gates, Close the Gates,