Joining SLC Shotokan Karate

We encourage visitors and those with an interest in taking up karate to attend practice to watch or participate without any commitment. However, to continue to practice you need to become a member of both the SLC Shotokan Karate dojo and of Shotokan Karate of America (SKA), our parent organization. The steps required are:

  • Completing a form giving basic contact information and describing previous martial arts experience.
  • Signing a waiver required by for our insurance coverage.
  • Paying the monthly dojo fee to Salt Lake City Shotokan Karate. The current monthly dues are $50 for adults or $25 for under 18 and students.
  • Joining SKA. This will require that you fill in a form, which you can download from the attachments below, and returning it to SKA central office. The annual membership fee is $100 however, new members pay a reduced rate of $75 in their first year. If you have been awarded a black belt, or dan grade, by SKA the annual fee is $200. You can find a list of membership benefits here.

Please note that all members, including black belts and instructors, are required to pay dojo fees and to keep their SKA membership current.

Alun Thomas,
Feb 27, 2011, 11:37 AM