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The Tour Experience - Breaking Brick Walls

The Salt Lake Christmas Tour is different. Not only is it a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, but it's a never-to-be forgotten experience. Many of the attendees come on this tour to break their brick wall genealogy problems - with outstanding success!

A Week of Research - 6 Full Research Days 
The Tour is a week-long immersion in genealogy research. It starts on Sunday evening, December 8, 2019 and runs through Saturday night, December 14, 2019. Most attendees fly in on Sunday - and out again on Sunday, December 15.

Professionals Working Side-by-Side with Attendees
Now in its 35th year, the Christmas Tour is an annual event for many of its attendees. They wouldn't miss it for the world. The Tour is their annual opportunity to work side-by-side with professional genealogists who know the Family History Library inside-out. The pros know research strategy, and they know how to convey their knowledge to the attendees. They know where to find the records - and they are there to help when you may think you've hit your brick wall.

Genealogy Research Classes
The Salt Lake Christmas Tour includes genealogy classes of interest to the attendees. Over thirty classes are offered each year, most taught by professional genealogists who are also known for their lecture abilities.

The Salt Lake Christmas Tour Family
Attendees quickly become part of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour family.  We have breakfast together every morning, we research together, we take classes together, have an annual dinner together, and even party together on Saturday night. And we become friends.

The Salt Lake Christmas Tour email Newsletter
About the first of every week, the Salt Lake Christmas Tour Newsletter is sent out by email. To get on the subscription list, just email Donna Potter Phillips at: Donna243@gmail.com and ask to be placed on the weekly Salt Lake Christmas Tour email mailing.