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 This webpage is designed for the purpose of sharing knowledge.

   In the table on the right, there are several links. These links are the address of webpages that contain some nice papers in the field related to the name of the webpage. For example the webpage named Bluetooth contains papers in the field of BlueTooth technology.

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Copyright Note: I do not upload the pdf of copyrighted papers here anymore (I used to it mistakenly in the past and I am gradually removing all those copyrighted pdfs). However, those papers whose authors have uploaded them to their web sites are uploaded here. Because as I read the papers, I add some marks and notes which I think may be helpful for other friends/researchers and boosts the process of sharing ideas. I assume that since authors have uploaded the papers to their websites, they don't mind re-uploading of the papers somewhere else. Nevertheless, if this assumption is wrong, please let me know and I will remove the pdf file as soon as possible.