Salmon FileWatcher Beta is a free application for monitoring files actions these included created, deleted, changed and renamed.

System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit supported)
  • 50KB Free hard disk space
  • 20mb of RAM

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Salmon FileWatcher is currently in beta please report any bugs you find.

The Latest version is: Salmon FileWatcher Version 1.5.1
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Change Log
Update V1.5.1
UI slightly rearranged
When watching for file changes it shouldn't clash as much with deleted, renamed and created but it will still happen sometimes (I'm trying to fix this)
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*Update V1.5

Close to tray removed since its annoying now only minimizes to tray
Browse path button added (browse the path you wish to monitor)
Disables start and changing actions while monitoring to help stop bugs
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*Updates V1.4.2
Now closes and minimizes to tray
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*Update V1.4.1
Toolbar Menu rearranged and now has edit
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*Update V1.4
New save function; select file path and your own file name (Default .txt extension).
Minor GUI changes
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*Update V1.3.1
Added menu bar
Added Help
Added shortcut keys for different functions.
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*Update V1.3
Stop button now works
Minor GUI fixes
Monitor boxes now ticked by default
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*Update V1.2.1*
Added Reset counter button
Choose what to monitor (deleted, renamed, changed or created)
A couple of very minor fixes
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*Update V1.1*
Added Clear log button
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I cant open Salmon FileWatcher what should I do?
Please make sure you have the latest .net framework installed. You can find the download on this site

How do I uninstall Salmon FileWatcher?
Salmon FileWatcher is a standalone application and can simply be deleted.


Support has been discontinued.