Our mission: 
To provide an experience in the dramatic arts that is in line with our school mission, vision and values. In other words, we hope to empower compassionate, creative and independent thinkers through their experience in theatre at Salmon Bay. Our focus is educational and experiential. We are all-inclusive. 
We try to offer something for everyone. We are a very small school with a very ambitious and far-reaching drama program, quite unique in Seattle Public Schools especially at the middle school level. Take advantage of what we have to offer!

Our no-cut policy - at Salmon Bay we try to involve every student in drama that wants  to participate. It is our intention to give every student a role in at least one after-school production: so if you are not cast in the first production, don't worry! you will be cast in another show.

The 2016-'17 season has its own tab to the left.

Contact info:
Director of the middle-school Salmon Bay drama program, webmaster = Glyde Hart King. ghking@seattleschools.org. 
Producer of the 5th grade Shakespeare Program = Brian Williamson. bjwilliamson@seattleschools.org
Director of the after-school drama program - Tara Kaine (tara.kaine@gmail.com)
Drama Committee co-chairs/after-school drama program - Nan Anderson (erikandnan@msn.com) and Merry Palmer (merrypalmer@gmail.com)
Though the programs share spaces and resources, the Drama Committee supports after-school drama only.

All schedules subject to change.

* Here is the link to the google calendar for theatre productions in Seattle Public Schools:

* Here is the link to the new Ballard High School performing arts page:
http://ballardperformingarts.org/.   It is so cool to see performing arts programs growing in Ballard schools. Right?
Thanks for your support of arts in education! This is all made possible through your efforts.

If you see any errors or omissions please let Glyde know asap.