Discovery Bottle Packets--Click Here to See Choices!

What are these Discovery Bottle Packets?
Discovery Bottle Packets are baggies filled with small items pertaining to a certain theme. I have created packets for many different themes, and they are linked below.

What do I do with these packets?
The buyer needs to put the items into a 1 liter soda bottle and then partially fill the bottle with sand, rice, small pasta, or other appropriate material and seal it securely (such as with permanent glue). A student worksheet and answer key will be provided for each packet.

What if I buy more than one packet?
If a buyer purchases more than one packet on the same theme, the items will be slightly different so that they can be used at different "centers" simultaneously.  The items in photographs are samples for that theme; items in the packet you receive may vary from the photograph (but will still pertain to the theme, of course!).

What do these packets cost?
All packets cost $8.00 each, which includes postage.  When 3 or more packets (of any combination of themes) are purchased, mailing costs and total will be adjusted.  I accept PayPal or money order.

Click the link below for the theme you are interested in!