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This website is devoted to Discovery Bottle Packets, kits, and games for:
  • Teachers

  • Caregivers
  • Parents and grandparents
…who want to provide unique, tactile, and fun learning opportunities for children.

There are activities for many different topics, including letters, numbers, the USA, holidays, and more.  Please explore the links at left to see the range of products available!

Product Info:_______________________________________________________________________
Are you going to be a caregiver for children this summer? Are you watching your grandkids? Or do you want to
keep your own kids busy (at least for a little while)?  Here are some options for you!

Other Info:_______________________________________________________________________
Picture Answer Worksheets are available now for most Discovery Bottle Packets! These Answer Worksheets have been made for pre-readers and pre-writers--all they need to do is mark the pictures on the worksheet as they find the objects in the bottle! Please email me {Order and Payment Information} if you have any questions.

As always, I combine any shipping charges to give you the fairest possible price!

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