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So who's jamming at PRIME these days, anyway?  Well, how about...

* Pigboat

* Balance

* Mace Cove

* Arms Against a Sea

* Elf Princess Gets A Harley

* The Brain Echoes

* Cryptic Overcast

* Hoboe

* Batshelter

* Red Cross Sky

* Megatime

* Eld

* Olivia Cornell & The Precious

* Paid Programming


* Ruin

* Armstrong

* Phantom Buffalo

 and more...

"It's PRIME or die!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PRIME Artist Rehearsal Studios has been an essential fixture on the Portland, Maine music scene for almost a decade and a half now, serving as a practice space and creative center for scores, if not hundreds, of local bands over the years.  In fact, the Portland Phoenix once quoted a local musician saying "It's Prime or die!" 


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PRIME Portland offers a convenient location and valuable services, the best prices in the area and remains one of the only 24-hour full access rehearsal facilities in the Greater Portland area.