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Dancing Science

Supported by Creative Partnerships, Southampton , Portsmouth and Hampshire, Sally developed Dancing Science with Hampshire Dance.  Sally was the lead dance artist and explored Key Stage 2 Science in a practical and creative way - using dance as a tool to do this.  As the result of an eighteen month project, Dancing Science was created - a teaching resource packed with highly effective, practical dance ideas that can assist with the delivery of the KS2 science curriculum in an innovative and creative way.  Topics covered include: An Introduction to Sound,  An Introduction to Light, Forces and Friction, Circuits, Irreversible and Reversible Changes, Sun Earth Moon and Making and Changing Sound.

This CD ROM is available from EG products www.egproducts.co.uk


NRG: Be healthy through dance  

NRG is a programme of creative dance ideas aimed at those working with young people aged 11 - 14 years.  It includes practical ideas for warm up activities and sequences designed to raise the heart rate.  NRG also has creative tasks focused around the workings of the body and healthy lifestyles.  Supported by Joint Investment Fund for the Arts, NRG was developed and trialled in nine Hampshire schools, with project research by the Dance Science Department at Laban, that demonstrated the positive impact of the programme on the participants.

Sally was one of the Project Co-ordinators on this project and contributed to the writing of the CD ROM.  She also taught the young people for the filming of this resource.

This CD ROM is available EG products  www.egproducts.co.uk

For more information about NRG: Be healthy through dance and the research that was undertaken by Laban  http://www.hampshiredance.org.uk


Ludus Dance - Trapped

Based in Lancaster for over thirty years, Ludus Dance is Britain’s Leading Dance in Education Company. The Ludus Touring Company creates and tours contemporary dance-based performances and workshops specifically designed to explore themes and issues relevant to young people.

An evocative, urban fairytale, portrayed through dance, film and music, TRAPPED tells the story of a young girl and her mother who live together in a home that is ruled by routine, the mother spending long hours at work and the daughter sat at home. One day, the girl’s mother fails to return home, so she decides to go to her place of work and find her…. The journey that follows is filled with extreme and negative emotions and if she is to succeed in finding her mother, she must learn to negotiate this terrifying and at times seductive terrain.

Sally devised the Key Stage 2 dance activities for the teaching resource pack that accompanies the performance on behalf of Hampshire Dance, who commissioned the work with the support of Creative Partnerships, Southampton , Portsmouth and Hampshire.

For more information, or to order the resource pack visit www.ludusdance.org