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Magic Parsnips is a newly established partnership combining the skills and experience of two individuals (Sally Beattie and Janet Aughey) who have worked in the education sector and creative industries. As freelancers they know and understand the importance of meeting deadlines, working to a budget and being creative about ways to achieve the end results.  They have experience of co-ordinating evaluations that follow events, managed by themselves and others. Writing succinct reports on the results and recommendations of the research and consultations are part and parcel of what Magic Parsnips can offer.


As a partnership, Sally and Janet bring combined expertise as well as the opportunity to collaborate in a creative way which produces exciting results. They have a wide range of contacts at their disposal and are used to working to a brief and clearly identified target audience however diverse that may be.


Magic Parsnips are able to provide the following services:

  • Training for ARTISTS wishing to develop their skills for working in educational  and community settings
  • Training for TEACHERS wishing to explore creative approaches to teaching and learning
  • CONSULTANCY exploring creativity in teaching and learning within educational and community settings
  • Consulting with YOUNG PEOPLE to determine how they feel about initiatives and then assist with implementing the outcomes
  • Planning and management of EVENTS focused around creativity, education and CPD 
  • Making links to the CURRICULUM and current educational initiatives through creative projects

Magic Parsnips will shortly have its own website


Sally and Janet will have different email addresses for this strand of their work from December 2008