Babes of Toyland 


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Last Update - December 5, 2008

Ever since she was a young witch Felicity Peachbottom had dreamed of the day when she might teach at Warthog's School of Magic and Wizardry.   At long last her big day had arrived.  Today she would lead her first lab session of the advanced placement "Transformations and Animations" class.  Let's take a peek and see how her first day as Warthog's newest teaching assistant is going.   New chapters on the top, older chapters further down the page.   Deal with it.

 The Height of the Matter







 In the meantime here are few more recent experiments

Yes, Cocktail Shrimps


 If more than one person has described your new room mate as "a real witch", don't be late with your half of the rent. 


Experiments with a shrinking sequence

Spanking Model in my Toyland

I'm afraid poor little Niki has no idea just how much our last session took out of her. Or that she travelled to my home, comfortably tucked into a shoe box. She should awaken soon to discover her new size and status; or rather her present lack of both. Then we'll go on to the customary examination before beginning training. Can you imagine, the funny little thing wasn't sure if she would really feel helpless at just 13" high? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

I particularly enjoyed Niki's reactions as I watched her take her own measurements for my records. Even more amusing than her frustration as she struggled with an oversized tape measure was the humiliating realization of just how truly tiny she had become.

 One really never knows what to expect upon landing a new position so you need to be ready for just about anything. Unfortunately when she signed on at Dolls Inc., Janice had no way of knowing that we intended to down-size her as part of her new hire orientation. And it sure looks like the rest of the day's training could easilly turn out to be more of a pain in the ass than she'd bargained for.


More Incidentals

Introducing the amazingly true-to-life, semi-autobiographical shrunken super heroine Sallibriana.

Special thanks to Eltee for all his wonderful post work and prop augmentation in this group.


Special guest appearances by Janice and Jamie Madison




Felicity's First Day

 Meet Warthog's resident gnome - Gnorma Jean and Darwin

(Many thanks to Eltee for his wonderful post render effects and mentoring.)

Warthog's Discipline










Magical Mini Miss






The Girls of Mystery Inc. in "The Toyland Terror Mystery"








Short Sentence (reshoot)

No goofy little space fox character, new lights and on new shot.  More to some, I hope.


Short Order Cook