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Case 2 Prize pumpkin pickers

Detective Katherine Pig, and the case of the Prize Pumpkin Pickers.

    Hello, my name is Detective, First Class Katherine Pig. Yes, I am a pig from my pink snout down to my curly tail. Every day I put on my purple hat with matching trench coat and with the help of my dog Lovely the Chihuahua. I solve mysteries in the little town of PumpkinVille. My little purple house is on main street just one block from the police station where I have a little office with my name on the door, Detective First-class Katherine Pig but everyone just calls me DK.
The day that I got the call from the mayor was just like every other day I had just finished my favor wheat cereal when the phone on the wall began to ring. I stood placing my bowl in the sink and picked up the receiver.
    “Detective Pig here how my I help you.”
    “Oh DK! You have to help me!” the frantic voice of Mayer Beaver said on the other end of the line.
    “Calm down sir and tell me what’s wrong.” I said trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.
    “DK you have got to help me the October feast is today, and someone has stolen my prize pumpkin.” He sobbed into the phone.
    “Not to worry, Sir we will be right there.” I said as I hung up the phone. I went to the sink, washed the breakfast dishes, put them in the strainer to dry, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, checked my one curly hair in the mirror, put on my coat, then I grabbed my detective kit and hat.
    “You ready Lovely?” I asked as I opened the door. She barked her reply, dashed out the door ahead of me and jumped into the basket on our purple moped. I closed the door, put on our helmets and in no time we were pulling up to the courthouse behind witch was the city park and pond where Mayor Beaver lived.
    “Keep a look out for clues!" I said to Lovely. As, I undid her helmet and set him on the ground. I did a quick check of the contents of my detective bag: one magnifying glass, one purple notebook with matching pen, one reference book about different paw prints, a plaster paw print kit, and a small camera. I took out the notebook and my hat then closed the case. After stowing my case and helmet, I put on my hat and headed toward the pond writing as I went.

Prize pumpkin picker case #1
7:15 mayor called to report missing pumpkin
7:30 arrived at scene note the following
-- One singe tire track(wheelbarrow?)
-- Small footprint (Cat?)
-- Large footprint (Dog?)
One set each

Very unusual tracks either we had some one trying to trick me or we have a suspect that has one big foot and one little foot from two different types of animals.

When I approached the Mayor he was very upset and he started to pace as he told me what he knew.
    "It was there this morning I know it was." He wailed
    "Can you tell me about the last time you saw your pumpkin?" I asked.
    "Well I was up early fixing my dam because it had a hole in it. I had to get some more wood from the forest, so I headed off in that direction on the way I stopped at my garden to check my pumpkin." He said sobbing uncontrollably burying his head in his hands.
    "Calm down Mr. Mayor please try and remember what time you checked on it." I said pen at the ready.
    “It was about 5 o'clock because the sun was just about to rise." He said thoughtfully.
    "How long were you in the forest?"
    "About an hour."
    "Did you check on your pumpkin when you returned from the forest?" I questioned.
    "No I went right to work when I finished about and hour later I was on my way to get changed for work when I heard squeaking. I was about to ignore it then, I had a feeling that I should check on my pumpkin but when I got here it was gone. I called you immediately." He finished and began to pace again. I wrote what I knew in my notebook.

5:00 AM Pumpkin was, checked by Mayor Beaver before going into the forest.
5:00 to 6:00 AM was in forest getting materials 6:00 o 7:00 AM Mayor fixed his house
7:10 AM heard squeaking checked on pumpkin, which was missing and called for help.

    “Well Sir this is a very interesting case and I will get right on it please don’t worry go on with your day and I will let you know when I have something.” I said over my shoulder as I went around the pond to the home of Miss. Duck who was just coming out of the pond.
    “Good morning Madam.” I said instead of answering me she just ignored me and went to her nest where she started to franticly rearranging the sticks in it. She fussed over it for quite some time before turning to me flabbergasted and clucked.
    “What do you want? Are you just going to stand there all day staring at me with that notebook in your hands! You look like Newsman Stork waiting for me to mess up so you can write a scoop about it in the Pumpkinville Gazette.” In a calm voice I asked.
    “Pardon me I didn’t mean to bother you I was just wondering if you knew and thing about Mayor Beavers missing pumpkin?”
    “You are bothering me and no I don’t know anything about a stupid pumpkin now please stop hovering I have a lot of work to do before this evening.” With that she turned back to her nest prep. I sighed and turned away jotting in my notebook the following.

Miss Duck very busy setting up her nest for something special
To busy to answer any questions not like her usual chatty self.

Chapter 2
    This case was starting to get interesting. I headed back to the front of the court house where I found Lovely waiting for me by the mopped.     “Did you find anything interesting I asked?” She dropped a stick at my feet frustrated I pick her and the stick up and put them both in the basket.
    “It is not time to play fetch.” I said as I put on our helmets “We have a case to solve” She wined as I started off toward the warehouse, of Dog and Cat movers. When I arrived I parked next to their truck in the back I noticed that there was a wheelbarrow with mud on the tire. I helped Lovely down and went inside. Cat was behind a big desk and Dog was by the water cooler.
“Ah DK what brings you here to day?” Dog said as he got his glass of water and settled himself on the other side of the big partner desk.
“Someone has taken the Mayor’s prize pumpkin and I am investigating the case. I was wondering if you two new anything about moving pumpkins since you are the town movers.”
“We have moved a lot of pumpkins today.” Cat said calmly “It is after all Pumpkin Feast and everyone wants us to take there, pumpkins to the Fair Grounds.”
“Did you move Mayor Beavers pumpkin?” I asked excitedly
“We do not know which pumpkin belongs to whom.” said Dog “We tell them to put them in a wheel barrel at the curb then we pick them up and take them to the fair grounds. Where Mr. Bunny takes them to their tables and sets them up. When our truck is empty we go, around and pick up the next batch. That way the judging is fair no one knows who’s is who’s until the end of the contest.” When Dog finished explaining I took out my notebook and wrote.

Pumpkins are taken to the fairgrounds anonymously by Cat and Dog Movers
Then they are sorted and put on display by Mr. Bunny

    “Thank you very much you have been very helpful!” I said as I head out the door.
     “See you at Pumpkin Feast”
    “Your welcome!” Said Dog
    “Will do!” said Cat
    “Good luck on your case!” They said together. Quickly we got back on our moped it was now time to go to the fairgrounds and check on how Pumpkin Feast is coming along and see if we can get any more answers about what happened to the missing pumpkin because time was running out. When we arrived at the fairgrounds, Mr. Rabbit greeted us warmly.
    “Hello DK what do I awe the pleasure of this early visit to my Festival?”
    “Some one has taken Mayor Beaver’s pumpkin and I am checking out all of the leads.” I said as I got off of my moped and set Lovely on the ground.
    “Oh dear this just won’t do!” Said, Mr. Bunny “We can not have any trouble at my party that would not be any fun at all. What can I do to help?”
    “What can you tell me about the pumpkin contest." I said as I retrieved my notebook once more.
    “Come this way and I will show you” He said hopping in the direction of a big tent that was set up in the middle of the fairgrounds “Lets see,” he started tapping his foot for emphasis. “each member of the community can enter a pumpkin on festival day they put there pumpkin at the curb and the Cat and Dog Movers come and bring it here then I set them up on tables like this” He said pointing to the many table of pumpkins that filled the tent. When they are all here the other judges and I rate them on size, shape, and color. Ribbons are placed and then the awards are given. That is about it.” He concluded.
    “Hum?” I said “How do you know whose pumpkin is whose when it is time to give out the prize.”
    "That is simple each person who is entering sends in an entry form they are then mailed a numbed tag that matches that form. On festival day they put half of that tag on the pumpkin and keep the other half then when we give out the rewards we verify that all of the parts match." Mr. Bunny finished with a smile.
"I just have a couple more questions for you then I will let you get back to your work." I said jotting down the information in my notebook.  "First of all, has there been any pumpkins entered that did not have any tags? Second what are the prizes this year?"
"Well no pumpkins have been entered that do not have tags." Mr. Bunny said "The grand prize this year is a large chocolate egg and second is a gold hairbrush. The third is a dinner for two. I really hope this helps you DK, but if you don't have any more questions. I really must get back to work. I have a lot to do before I can open the gates." he said worriedly checking his watch.
"Of coarse Mr. Bunny I think I have every thing I need." I said jotting down the prizes in my notebook "I will just take a quick look around I promise I won't touch anything." Mr. Bunny looked at me suspicious for a moment but then bounded off. I wonder among the pumpkins checking all of the tags. As I strolled along, I noticed two large pumpkins side by side their tags askew.
Tags 103 and 104 were wrinkled
I headed back toward my moped calling Lovely as I went. He ran toward me with a stick in his mouth he dropped it at my feet and barked wildly. Sighing I picked him and the stick and placed them in the basket with the one that was already there. I fastened our helmets and was about to start the engine when a large shadow fell a crossed us. "Hello Mr. Stork." I said looking up. News Stork stood their head to the side one leg up pen at the ready. I chuckled to myself that Miss Duck was right. I did look a lot like him, same hat and notebook anyway. I do not think I could stand on one leg without losing my balance though. "What can I do for you today?" I asked knowing exactly what he wanted but I was not about to give it to him easily. I looked down at Lovely who was smiling up at me from his basket with the sticks in his mouth suddenly I knew exactly what happened and almost laughed out loud. Mr. Stork cleared his throat and said matter a factually pen
hovering over his notebook in anticipation.
"DK word is that you are investigating a crime. What can you tell me about that?" I looked him in the face and with all truthfulness I said.
"There is no crime just two friends who thought they should help the other out and ended canceling each other out." Mr. Stork stood dumb founded pen still poised over his notebook. I moved around him and said "Be at the pumpkin Festival tonight when the pumpkins are judged and all will be revealed If you'll excuses me I must go get ready." Smiling I sped away his frustrated questions trailing away in my wake. I went home and got ready for the festival ignoring the phone that was ringing as I came through the door. I put my detective hat and coat on their hooks by the door changed out of my purple business suit and put on my dress this was going to be the best festival ever. Finally I was ready to go and when the phone rang once more I picked it up on the second ring.
    "DK here. How may I help you?" knowing full well whom was on the other line.
     "Oh DK did you find my pumpkin?" the worried voice of the Mayor came across the line. I smiled into the phone trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice when I said     "Please meet me at the fairgrounds Mr. Mayor." and hung up the phone. "Come Lovely." I said and he ran in wearing his best purple necktie. He jumped into my arms and I scratched him behind the ears     "Thanks for helping me solve this one little buddy." I whispered in his ear he grinned at me as we went out the door and headed down the block to the fairgrounds. The pumpkin judging was underway when I got there so I stood off to the side and waited. Finally Mr. Bunny stood at the podium he cleared his throat and checked the microphone "The judges and I have reached our decision. First place goes to 154" he paused while everyone looked at their cards. Fox shyly walked up front. Mr. Bunny checked his card and nodded
he handed Fox his egg then went to the podium again and continued. "Second place goes to number 100" Mrs. Hamster squeaked and scurried onto her stage waving her tag. Mr. Bunny checked it and handed her the brush then he cleared his throat and said. "Finally we have a two way tie for third can numbers 103 and 104 please come to the stage." At the back of the tent I heard a little gasp then Mayor Beaver and Miss Duck crept up the center isle. I patted Lovely and smiled. When their cards were checked Mr. Bunny handed them an envelope. Mayor Beaver opened it and smiling broadly handed it to Miss. Duck who blushed a deep scarlet. Mr. Mayor held out his hand and Miss Duck took it. Together they walked out of the tent heads bowed towards each other in deep conversation. I turned to leave glad that another case was solved or more likely solved itself. Back in my house I sat at my desk with the case file open before me writing my final thoughts.
Miss Duck stole Mayor Beavers pumpkin so he would win the hair brush. Unknown to Miss Duck Mayor Beaver had swapped the tag that morning so that she would win. Mayor Beaver and Miss Duck got exactly what the wanted each other. Case closed with a little help from my partner and friend Lovely the Chihuahua.
I closed the file and put it away in my file cabinet another job well done I thought as I turned out the light in my office and went to bed Lovely at my heals.

The End