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Let's See the New Baby

Once upon a time there was a girl name Ally. She lived with her mother and father on a farm in the country. Ally liked taking walks and listing to the world around her but she was board. She wanted some one to share her walks with.

One day her mother told her some great news she was going to have a new baby sister to play with. Ally was so excited that she asked her mother everyday baby was going to be there. Her mother would just smile and say.

“Soon child, soon.” Sure enough the day did finally arrive and Ally got to go to the hospital and see her new sister. Her mother was sitting in a big bed holding a small bundle of blankets. Ally approached shyly.

“Don’t be scared.” Her daddy said as he lifted her up to see well.

“Oh what a sweetheart.” Her grandmother said when her mother pulled back the blankets so that every one could see the babies face.

“Whaa, Whaa” went the baby when the light of the room hurt her eyes. Oh my what a noise it made Ally thought.

“Shh Shh.” Said her mother covering the babies face and holding her close. Ally was confused how could she share and play with this strange noisy bundle? Seeing that she was concerned her mother explained that the baby had to grow and soon it would be as big as Ally and then they could have lots of fun together.

“Don’t worry honey.” Her mother comforted her Ally looked at the bundle still a little worried but then the baby smiled at her and she knew that it would turn out all right. Just then the doctor came in and asked her mother how things were going.

“We are all just fine thank you” her mother beamed with pride. Then the doctor asked Ally what she thought of her sister and Ally smiled and said.

“Soon child Soon, Don’t be scared, what a sweetheart, Waa Waa, Shh Shh, Don’t worry, We are just fine thank you. At that everyone laugh and Ally could not wait to have more fun adventures with her new Sister Katherine.