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Let's Talk to the Animals

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ally, she lived on a small farm with her, parents. Each day she would go for a walk and talk to the animals. One sunny day Ally left the house as usual and wandered toward the barn. There outside the door was the chicken scratching the ground.

"Hello chicken! What do you have to say today?" Ally asked the chicken.

"Cluck, cluck" Replied the chicken and went back to scratching. Ally gave the chicken, some corn and walked around the barn to the hose were she met the pig lying in the mud.

"Hello pig! What do you have to say today?"

"Oink, oink" replied the pig and closed his eyes. Ally filled the water pail and went into the barn were she met the horse.

"Hello horse! What do you have to say today?"

"Neigh, Neigh" replied the horse and nosed Ally's shoulder. Ally gave the horse some water and went up into the hayloft were she met the cat.

"Hello cat! What do you have to say today?"

"Meow, meow" replied the cat and rolled on her back so Ally could scratch her.

Ally grabbed some hay and went out into the pasture where she met the cow.

"Hello Cow! What do you have to day today?"

"Mo, Mo" Replied the cow and went back to chewing her cud. Ally gave the cow the, hay and went down the path to the pond where she found the duck and the frog.

"Hello Duck! Hello Frog! What do you have to say today?"

"Ribbit, Ribbit!" replied the frog then jumped into the cool water.

"Quack, Quack!" replied the duck and sat down on her nest. Ally gave the duck a little, bread and continued on down the path till she came to the sheep in the big field.

"Hello Sheep! What do you have to say to day?"

“Bah, Bah!" replied the sheep and laid down in a shady spot. Ally went to the big oak tree that stood at the far end of the farm and swung in the tire swing in its branches. After awhile the great oak shook in the evening wind and the wise old owl was awaken from his slumber.

"Hello Owl! What do you have to say today?"

"Who, Who!" replied the owl and flew off toward the setting sun. Ally started for home saying goodnight to the animals as she went.

"Good Night Owl! Good Night Sheep! Good Night Duck! Good Night Frog!

Good Night Cow! Good Night Cat! Good Night Horse! Good night Pig! Good Night Chicken!" Ally met the dog waiting for her at the front door.

"Hello Dog! What do you have to say today?"

"Woof, Woof!” replied the dog and followed Ally into the house. After supper her mother asked her what she had been up to that day and she mealy replied.

"Cluck, Cluck, Oink, oink, Neigh, Neigh, Meow, meow, Mo, Mo, Ribit. Ribbit, Quack, quack, Bah, bah, Who, who, Woof, Woof." Her mother just laughed and said,

"I see!"