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Let's go to the City

One summer Ally and her younger sister Katherine left the farm and went into the city to visit their grandparents. On Sunday morning there grandma took the girls to church.

“Ding Dong” said the old church bell. “Good morning” said the Pastor at the door. After church grandma took them to the train station where they would ride the train to the town square. “Cha-ching” went the cash register when the ticket taker took there money and gave them their tickets “Have a nice day” he said as they walked a way. Tickets in hand the girls and their grandmother went to the train platform.
“Toot, Toot!” said the train “All Aboard” said the conductor. After the wonderful train ride the three of them went to the Center of Town Square along the way they had to cross a busy street with lot of cars and busses

“Beep, beep” said the car horns. “Look out” said the drivers. Safely across the street the girls marveled at the wonderful smells and sounds. Their grandmother bought them an ice cream and they stopped to listen to a saxophone player.

Clink, Clink” went the money into his case “thank you,” said the man. Man Even though they were having fun Grandma said that it was time to get home to Grandpa. So they made there way back to the train station. On the way they passed a clown on Stilts who was juggling.

“Honk, Honk went his nose “Bye, Bye” Said the clown.

When they got back home grandpa asked, “How was your day girls?”

“Good Morning” said Ally “Have a nice day” said Katherine “All aboard” chimed Ally “Look Out” giggled Katherine “Thank you” Smiled Ally “Bye, Bye they both said together and ran off to their room laughing.