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Let's Find Opposits

Once upon a time there were two brothers, one was David and the other was Oliver. Every day after breakfast they would walk out to the edge of their land and look out over the noel to see what they could see.

On day David said, “I would like to walk down to the Dark forest to see what lies within.”

“Yes;” agreed Oliver “that would be interesting but I think that it would be rather fun to go up to the hills of light to see what lay over them.” So the brothers decided that the next day they would star out on their separate journeys and when they found what they were seeking they would meet back here to compare stories. Next morning the boys packed their thing and after pausing only briefly on the noel to say good bye they started out David went down right and Oliver when up left David traveled down for many miles until he came to the edge of the Dark forest he proceeded cautiously through the Dark Forest paying mind to the roots and branches, that bared the path the farther into the forest he went the darker it got David wondered how big the dark forest was and how long he should venture into it before heading back . Before he lost sight of his home completely he reached into his nap sack and pulled out a bundle of red string As he went he tied a bit of string to each tree so that he could find his way out of the forest when he was done. After some time he came upon a dark cabin in the Woods. He went up to the door and Knocked. Slow it opened and there before him sat an old woman “Com in Son she said What can I do for you” David said I have come form the noel down the hill through the forest and into your home seeking adventure. The old woman shackled and said there is no adventure here just me I do have the though I would not want you to have come all this way with out leaving with something Please stay for Tea and tell me of yourself.

Meanwhile Oliver went quickly up the hills to the left of their home. He came upon some great white rocks that he saw no way to go over so he decided to go around them. He admired the sparkles in the rocks and how the glowed in the sun. After traveling around the rocks he made it to the other side where he was suddenly surrounded in a thick fog. Blindly he wondered forward Just when he was certain he would be lost forever he popped out of the fog just as mysteriously as he was in it. He found himself in a clearing in the wide-open space he found a young woman.

The Woman smiled and waved but said nothing.

I have come form the noel up the hill around the big sparkling rocks and out of the fog to see what I could see on the other side the young woman smiled and placed something in Oliver’s hand then she was gone Oliver looked in his hand and laughed then he headed back the way he come to tell his brother what had happened to him.

David thanked the old lady for the nice chat and promised to come visit often. He too then went back the way he came to tell Oliver about what he had seen and show him the gift that the old lady had given him.

The boys arrived at the noel at the same time. David said well brother how was you trip Oliver said no brother you are the oldest you go first. DAVID Suggested les do it at the same time one step at a time. Ok Oliver said you go first. So David began:

First I went down the hill to the dark forest” I went up the hill to the white rocks” Oliver chimed in right on cue I went through the dark forest until I reached a log cabin David continued Oliver said I went around the white rocks and found my self in a thick fog when I finally got of the fog I was in a empty field. I opened the door and found an old lady I went into her house and talked for many hours with her. David smiled remembering Oliver frowned I met a young woman and she did not speak at all he said she just game me this the boys said together holding out their hands to show each other when they looked at their hands thy both laughed in David’s hand was a black marble and in Oliver’s hand was a white one. Lets go into the house and tell our sisters Ally and Katherine all about our adventures. David said to Oliver “Ok!” Oliver said I think I will give my marble to Katherine I will give mine to Ally then David said thoughtfully smiling. The boys found their sisters sitting on the couch

“What have you to been up to?” Ally said.

“You look like you have a secret Katherine said.

David smiled and said “I went down the hill, through the forest and into a house where I talked for a long time the a old woman she gave me this and I give it to you Ally. David finished and placed the black marble in her hand.

Oliver then said “I went up the hill, around the white rocks, and out of the fog and in a field where I met a young woman who did not say anything at all and I give you this Katherine and he placed his white marble in her hand.”

Ally and Katherine looked at their brothers in amazement. I have never heard such an opposite story in all of my life ally said you are making it up Katherine said it was an opposites story but they had not made it up the boys just smiled and said enjoy your marbles sis and went off to their room laughing.