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Case 4 Detective Katherine Pig and The Case of Easter Egg Envy




            Early one morning Henrietta D'hippo was getting ready for her lunch date with Marie Mouse where she planed to unveil her newest acquisition. First she sent her husband on an errand that would take him most of the afternoon. Then to avoid staring at the guest of honor she kept herself busy with the preparations for the party. She got out her duster and re dusted all the nooks and crannies one more time just to make sure that she had not missed anything yesterday. Then, swept and vacuumed the entire house from top to bottom. When she was finally satisfied that the whole house was indeed spotless, she covered the table with her favorite lace table cloth. With great care set it with her best rose colored tea set. She went into the kitchen humming a little tune and got out the fixings for the little sandwiches that she planed, to serve. When they were all prepared she placed them in the fridge to chill then started the tea to seep. She felt pleased that everything was going very nicely until she,  glanced at the clock and realized that, Marie would be there any minuet and she had not yet gotten out the reason for having her over for lunch in the first place. Quickly as she could she hurried to finish the food preparations, by poring the tea and arranging the sandwiches on the tray, then she went into her room.  stood for a moment in front of her dresser just staring at the object that was resting there. She had acquired the piece for her collection last week when had gone to the city shopping. The medium sized square box was made from a blue metal. All of the the edges and four corners were attached with a gold border that extended beyond the bottom to form four clawed feet. Over the top and sides was a interlocking lace pattern made with tiny gold strands in the shape of a rose. It had caught her eye as she had passed by the window of an antique shop. So, she went in and inquired about it when the shop owner opened it up she just knew she had to have it. With the last of her money she bought the box and brought it home. The next day she called Marie up and invited her to lunch knowing full well that Marie would be to curious to resist despite their differences. Resisting the urge to open it and look at its contents she carried it to the table and placed it in the center. Soon the bell rang and she let it chime a few times to let her guest stew for a moment before opening the door. When Marie entered they exchanged terse hellos as Henrietta took her coat and hat then Henrietta led Marie into the den. She could tell that Marie was instantly curious about the box on the table and she purposely avoided any mention of  it and instead gestured to a near by chair then took one herself. She offered Marie a cup of tea and a sandwiches all of witch she accepted  graciously even thought Henrietta new it was just driving her mad not to inquire about the box on the table. Little was said until Marie finished her tea and set her cup loudly down on the saucer. Henrietta saw Marie take a deep breath to calm herself and inwardly smiled Marie cleared her throat and asked.

            “I must say that is the most unique little box I have ever seen. Where ever did you get it?” Henrietta restrained herself from jumping up in excitement and casually reached out and opened it up. With a big grin she peered over the top at what lay in the velvet within. Instantly the smile was gone and she fainted.                       



Chapter One

            When the call came in I was just closing my door because Lovely and I were on our way out to the park to watch the community Easter Egg Hunt. Lovely gave me his don't answer that look but I stepped back into the foyer and picked up the receiver.

            “Detective Katherine Pig here. How may I help you?” I said into the phone. Lovely rolled his eyes at me and then went to settled himself in his bed with a sad look on his face. I gave him my best I'm sorry look and waited for the person who called me to respond. The quite voice of Marie Mouse squeaked,

            “DK could you please come over to Mr and Mrs. Professor Dhippo's house there seems to be a theft.” I had to say that I was intrigued by the thought of a crime to solve, but I did not understand why they were calling me. The Professor was my mentor and surely could have easily solved any crime that had happened in his own home. Sensing my hesitation Marie clarified.

            “Henrietta, sent her husband on an errand this morning and he has yet to be located. Please come quickly as she is in a fit of hysteria over her lost item.”

            “I will be right over!” I said then hung up the receiver. I turned to Lovely and said. “Don't worry little man, I will make it up to you I promise. Are you going to help me?” He sat sadly in his basket for only a moment then waged his tail and jumped up he couldn't resist a good mystery either. “Alright I said grabbing my bag lets go find Mrs DHippo's lost item.” It only took us a moment to pull up in the driveway of Professor Dhippo from the outside this quaint little house that looked calm and peaceful but from the wailing I heard from within I knew that that was clearly not the case. I rang the bell and I was not surprised when I was greeted by Marie instead of Henrietta. She lead me into the den where Henrietta was wriggling and screeching on the floor. When I touched her on the shoulder she instantly calmed and despite her size quickly jumped up. She engulfed me in a bear hug squeezing the breath right out of me.

            “I am so glad you are here you will find my lost item. I just know you will.” she said in my ear. I wiggled free and caught my breath before responding.

            “I will do my best Lovely and I are here to help. Please sit down and calmly tell me all about what you have lost.” everyone sat down at the table and Henrietta pored us all a cup of tea. She took a few sips from her cup before beginning her tale.

            “Last week I went shopping downtown because I wanted to try that new lipstick that they have been advertising on the radio. On my way to Matilda Monkey's beauty supply I passed by Moxie Racoon’s antique shop.  That box was sitting on a little pedestal in the window. At first glace I thought nothing of it but as I passed by the sun hit the gold just right making it glow. I went in and inquired about it and Moxie said that he picked it up when he went to a trade show last week and he would be happy to show it to me. The box itself is something to behold but when he set it on the counter and opened it up I could not believe what lay in the velvet within.” she paused here for effect before continuing. “Inside was a little Fabergé egg the same color and gold lace pattern as the box itself the best part was that underneath was a little stand to hold the egg. Moxie told me it was one of a kind the only problem with it was that the stand was broken so he would sell it to me for a reasonable price. Much to my dismay the price that he quoted me was my whole budget for a month but I gave it to him any way. When I brought it home I showed it to the Professor who was not impressed. So I put it on my dresser and called Marie to have this lunch date as I wanted to make her jealous that I had a one of  a kind item.  It of coarse as you can tell from my distraught state was not in the box when I opened it.” I set my tea cup down and took out my note book.

             “Very interesting!” I said “Please tell me everything you did from the time you acquired the piece until you opened it here.” Henrietta took a sip of tea then thought for a moment before beginning

            “Well lets see, after I left Moxie's I went to Matilda Monkey's beauty supply where I put the new lipstick on hold until next week. As I was leaving there I got hungry so I went to Tally Fox's Sub Shop and got myself a sandwich that I ate down by the wharf. When I was done with that I came home and went into the Professor’s office to show him but he was busy so I put the box on my dresser. When

it was time I put it on the table for Marie to see. That is it from beginning to end.” Henrietta sat back exhausted from the effort of remembering

            “Hum very interesting!” I said leaning forward “Did you open the box again after you left Moxie's?”

            “No I did not!” Henrietta said.

            “I see, at any point along the way did you set it down?” Henrietta looked at me in surprise opening and closing her mouth several times before answering in a sheepish tone.

            “At both the Beauty supply and the sub shop I put it down on the counter to peruse the selections at the wharf I set it down on the bench next to me so that I could eat my sandwich.”

            “During any of those occasions did you take your eyes off the box?” I asked my pen at the ready. Henrietta looked down and quietly replied.

            “Yes at all of them. When I was at the Beauty Supply Shop Duck came in and we chatted about her honeymoon. At the sub shop I dropped my purse on the floor and spent several minuets trying to find all the parts to put back inside. Just as I finished my sandwich at the wharf a sail boat passed by, I jumped up to get a better look,  and I watched it until it was out of sight.” I closed my note book, put it back in my bag and stood up. 

            “Do not worry Lovely and I are on the case. I am going to start at Moxie's and work my way back here.” Everyone stood and we all made our way to the door. Marie patted Henrietta on the shoulder and squeaked.

            “I will stay here with you until she returns we can play cards.” Henrietta smiled at Marie and said.

            “I am glad that you are here I don't think that I would be alright by myself.” I waved at them as I putted away on my moped and hoped that I would bring back good news. On main street I parked in front of Moxie's shop and went in. The bell above the door told of my arrival and Moxie appeared suddenly out of nowhere. When he saw who it was he frowned and quickly stepped back behind a dark curtain before emerging again a moment later with a sheepish grin across his face.

            “Katherine what a pleasant surprise” He said patronizingly “Whatever brings you to my humble establishment?” I gave him my best I know what you are doing grin and got out my note book. He looked nervously between me and Lovely who was sniffing around.

            “I sure hope he is trained.” He said snidely “I usually don't allow pets in here.” I gave him a hard look and said “Lovely is a decorated officer of the law and my partner. He is also great at sniffing out the guilty.” He swallowed hard and asked quietly

            “What can I do for you Detective?” I smiled at his sudden change of attitude and said yesterday Henrietta Dhippo came in here and purchased a box from you.” I paused for a moment and watched a brief flash of recognition cross his face before continuing.

            “Why yes that was a lovely piece! Is there a problem with it?” He said worriedly

            “Some time between the time you showed Henrietta the item and when she opened it up this afternoon the egg and its stand were missing.” A look of shock crosses his face so quickly that his mask turned white.

            “You can not possibly think that I would have anything to do with that do you? I am an honest business man I would never scam my costumers.” Just then Lovely started to bark from somewhere in the back room. I gave Moxie a quizzical look and hurried behind the dark curtain. There on the work bench was an identical blue box with a Faberge egg sitting on a little stand next to it. I cleared my throat and said.

             “Never scam your customers? You told Henrietta that hers was one of a kind and that you picked it up at a trade show last week.” He guiltily stared at the floor and mumbled.

            “I am so ashamed DK, I made that box and egg last week. On Friday when my cleaning lady found it on my desk she put it in the display window without my knowledge. I was so surprised when    Henrietta came in and was so excited about it that I made up a story and sold it to her. Since she liked it so much I figured that others would want one too so I started making another. Please understand, I was not completely lying though the pattern on each box and it's matching egg are unique look for yourself.” He said and pointed to where his newest creation sat. I stepped closer and sure enough the top of the box's gold lace pattern was a half moon and the corresponding egg had little stars all over it. Where as Henrietta's box bore a flower on top.

            “Henrietta’s egg will have leaves on it.” He told me I jotted it down in my note book and scratched Lovely behind the ears.

            “That is some dog.” He admitted “Please tell Henrietta that I am sorry and when her egg is returned  to her I will fix the base for free.” I thanked him and left the store with Lovely at my heals. I walked down the street to Matilda Monkey's Beauty Supply. Matilda ginned broadly and came around the counter to greet me when I entered her little boutique.

            “My dear DK and Lovely, welcome to my store! How can I help you today?” I smiled and shook her paw when it was offered to me. Then I said

            “I have come here on business Henrietta Dhippo's Egg is missing and I have been hired to find it. She came here after purchasing it at Moxie's yesterday she says that she set it on the counter and then Duck came. They chatted for a while then she put her lipstick on hold and left with her box. Did you see anyone messing with the box while she was chatting with Mrs. Duck?” Without hesitation Matilda said.

            “I have no idea what you are talking about DK I never saw Henrietta's box.” Once again Lovely started backing. I went to investigate and found him guarding a piece of paper under the backside of the counter. Matilda tried to gab it but I was faster. It was a receipt that said.

            Moxie's Antique Shop

Item description: One blue box with matching egg and stand.

Bill to: Henrietta Dhippo


            I raised one eyebrow at Matilda who turned a deep shade of red then meekly said.  “OK you caught me! When Henrietta turned around to talk to Duck curiosity got the better of me. I took a little peek but I swear that I did not take it out of the box just opened the lid to see what it was. This must have fallen out when I opened it. Please tell Henrietta that I am sorry, that she has lost her item and she can pick up her lipstick free whenever she is ready.” I thanked her for her help then left the shop.

            “Well my little assistant you are really on the ball lets say we break for lunch and go over what we have learned so far.” I said to Lovely as we crossed the street to Tally's Sub Shop. When I walked in Tally was in the back working dough he nodded in my direction and said.

            “Be right with you two.” He kneaded  the dough a few more times then placed it in a bowl and covered it with a cloth. He wiped his flowery hands on his apron and said as he approached.

            “What can I get for you this fine afternoon.” I looked at the menu and said I would like the veggie sub with iced tea, and Lovely will have a grilled cheese.

            “Two subs coming up one veggie and one grilled cheese! Why don't you go pick a seat and I will bring it round when I am done fixing them up.” Lovely and I went to the corner booth and I got out my notebook to review the information that I had written so far as we waited for our sandwiches. Lovely sat across from me watching the passers by.




Egg gone case number 3


Clue  provided by Client:

Henrietta's Faberge Egg Missing

Bought from Moxie's shop

Taken to Matilda's

Taken to Tally's

Taken to Wharf

Taken to professor’s office

Placed on dresser

Shown to Marie now gone


More details: The box was built by Moxie

Egg has little gold leaves on it.

Peeked at by Matilda but not removed from box


            “What do you think Lovely?” He looked at me for a moment with his head to the side then barked as Tally brought our food to the table. I stared intently at Tally who frowned back at me.

            “Why are you looking at me like that?” He said staring back at me hard matching my stoney gaze.

            “What do you know about a little blue box brought in here by Henrietta yesterday?” I asked.  Then he broke into a rolling laugh. I looked at him quizzically and he said.

            “Geese DK for a minuet there I thought I was on the top ten most wanted list. Henrietta came in here yesterday, set that box down on the counter like it was worth a million dollars, then ordered a sandwich. I gave her the price and when she looked in her purse for some change dumped the whole lot on the floor. While she was cleaning it up, I looked in the box just to see what the big deal was. I must say it was really not worth all that fuss it was just a silly egg. What a let down it was not even  made out of chocolate.” I sighed and smiled at him.

            “I am sorry it is just that Lovely has been right on track finding that everyone was holding back information about that egg. Just I figured you knew something important to the case.”

            “Well now!” He said cutting Lovely's sandwich into fours for him “He is a very smart dog I do know more.” I choked on the bite of food that was in my mouth and he patted me gently on the back until I recovered from the coughing. I took a swig of iced tea before asking.

            “What do you know?” I flipped to a new page in my note book as he pulled up a chair and sat down on it backwards.

            “Well you do you know about that new pair in town the dimwitted pelican and that red herring, he carries around in his mouth. Well they were in here yesterday afternoon and they were talking up that they found a sparkly egg thing by the wharf. I did not hear the whole conversation but they said something about taking it to Fisherman's Bay to sell it to Ally the Alligator.” this news made my ears twitch and I hurriedly finished my sandwich thanked him threw a large tip on the table. Then Lovely and I ran to our moped and made a dash for the wharf.  We found the Pelican and his Herring sitting on the edge of the dock. The fish hung out of the Pelicans mouth like a cigar and said

            “Look what the cat dragged in.” the Pelican stood on one foot  spread out his wings and said

            “Duh! Hi you want to by a sparkly thing?” hanging all over the feathers from body to tip were all manner of things from watches to bottle caps.

            “I want to know about the shinny egg you found yesterday!” I said. The Herring peered at me sideways.

            “I am sorry but we already sold that piece.” He said his partner started to fidget and Lovely started barking. I saw Chief Bear pass by and I waved him over. He hooked his hands in his belt and sauntered to were we stood.

            “What can I do for you Detective?” he drawled

            “I want to know about the shinny egg you found yesterday.” I repeated to the pair. The Herring clammed up and dove down into the Pelican's mouth. Bear grabbed the pelican by the neck and yanked the fish out by his tail.

            “I do believe that this nice lady asked you a question and I am mighty curious about what you found also. So you better start talking or I will have to bring you both in and really see where all those shinny things came from. The Pelican pulled his wings protectively around him and tucked his head inside them. Seeing that he was trapped in the large paw of the chief he said.

            “No problem officer I would be happy to show you. Come on Bob let them see.” Bob brought his big head out and shook it no then put it back. “Now we discussed this let her see it!” Bob frowned but brought out an egg shaped locket from around his neck. I let out my breath and almost fell over. Unable to breath I sat down on the bench and Lovely sat next to me. Bear put Red in Bob's mouth and said.

            “I am watching you two. You better stay out of trouble.”
            “Yes sir!” They said in unison and Bear meandered away.  Red turned to me and said

            “You look like you are going to be sick what was that all about.” I took a deep breath and told him all about the missing egg. This made him laugh so hard he fell back into his mouth I could still here his laughter as I made my way back to Henrietta's. When I ran the bell I heard Henrietta call out

“Gin” Then their was a peel of laughter as the ladies made their way to the door. When they opened it they both threw their arms around me and I was engulfed in a big hug. 

            “Oh Honey come in here and have a seat you look beat.” Henrietta said affectionately. I drug my self into the den and sat in the nearest chair. Henrietta pored me some tea and Marie gave me a sandwich. I sipped the tea then I nibbled at the sandwich. Then I looked Henrietta in the face and said

            “I have been all over this town I went to Moxie's and he said that he is sorry that he deceived you but he made that box and egg himself and if you ever find it you can bring it to him to fix the stand.” I paused and took a sip of tea and then continued “I went to Matilda Monkey's Beauty Supply where she admitted that she looked in the box when you were talking to Duck and dropped your receipt.” I handed her the folded piece of paper. “She is really sorry and you can go and pick up your lipstick free of charge. I was hungry so I went next to Tally Fox's sub shop and he told me that Bob the Pelican and Red the Herring were in the shop after you and they were talking about finding a shinny egg by the wharf. I tracked them down and it turned out to be just an egg shaped locket. I made my way back here empty handed and the only one I have left to ask is the Professor.” Just then the Professor walked in and said

            “What is it that you have to ask me?” I shook my head unable to speak any more so Henrietta recounted the whole story for him. When she was done Lovely started barking at a bag the Professor was holding. 

            “Down boy!” He said then set the bag on the table and from it he removed a tiny little egg and it's stand.
            “Oh my egg!” Henrietta cried out. “However did you find it?”

            “Find it?” He asked “I took it with me this morning to get the stand fixed. When I stopped at Tally's to get some lunch he told me about Moxie. So I went over there and he fixed it right up for me. Then I came home knowing that you would all be sitting here wondering whatever happened to it. Nice work DK you have solved another one.” I shook my head in disbelief. Henrietta engulfed me in a big hug and said.

            “Thank you so much DK you have returned my egg and you have helped me make a new friend in the process.” She said bringing Marie into the hug with us. “I will be forever grateful.” When she finally released me I made my way to the door saying in my wake


            “Good evening folks I think that Lovely and I will be taking our leave of you now it has been a very long day and I have paperwork to file.”  Lovely and I arrived home just as the street lights came on. When I put the key in the front door I noticed a small package on the stoop.  I picked it up and carried it with me to my office where I placed it on my desk. Then I opened a new file and typed up my notes on the case ending it with the fallowing.



I was summoned to the home of my Mentor Professor Dhippo today to find a lost egg.

Even though Lovely was an invaluable member of my team unearthing a lot of clues,

the egg was not found at any of the places that Mrs Henrietta Dhippo stopped at that day.

In the end it was not lost at all but taken for repairs by the Professor himself.

The moral is that you must talk to all of the parties evolved  in a case before giving up.

Case closed



            I closed the file and put it away in my file cabinet then I opened the little package that had been left for me. Inside to my delight was a little purple box made out of metal the gold pattern on top was a handsome portrait of Lovely inside was a matching egg covered in little bones.

“See I told you that I would make it up to you we went on the biggest Easter egg hunt ever and ended up finding four eggs!” He barked happily at my heals as I turned out the light in my office and went up to bed.