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Case 6 Detective Katherine Pig and The Case of the Missing Parrot Piñata

    When Lovely and I closed up shop for the day, we sensed intense electricity that vibrated though the streets. The whole town seemed to be a buzz of activity. When I looked around, I could not find one resident of Pumpkin Ville that was not rushing somewhere. As we were pondering the cause of this Mr. Bunny came hurrying down the sidewalk so fast that we had to step into the street to avoid him.

     “Sorry DK I, am late!” he said over his shoulder. I silently wondered what that was all about but I was very tired so decided to just continue toward home. I stopped at the mailbox where I found only one letter. 

“Its for you boy!” I said as I tore it open and read.

Dear Lovely,

I had such a good time during your visit.

 I do hope that you come back and see me soon!

Missing you, Your Friend Patty

I looked down to find Lovely staring off into space and shaking.

            “Come on Lover Boy let’s get some supper.” I said as I scooped him into my arms and carried him into the house. Over dinner, I chatted with him about things that we could do for my birthday the next day. Nothing that I thought of stuck me as a fun thing to do. As I said my prayers that night I looked out the window and saw one solitary star winking at me.

“I wished that we could have some sort of adventure this year that would make my birthday memorable.” I said to the keeper of whishes and then crawled into bed.

The next morning it was raining so I decided to work from home. After finishing my paper work, I went to the sunroom where I sat in a big chair. Lovely came and sat down beside me.

“Well little fellow what can I do for you?” I asked as I scratched him in that special spot that makes his back leg twitch. He grinned up at me and wiggled for a while then he stopped and pushed a book toward me. When I picked it up, I was not surprised to find that it was about his favorite mystery solving Jack Russell Terrier.

I raised my eyebrows at him and sarcastically said. “I don’t know this seems a little scary for you.” He barked at me and wagged his tail. I laughed and opened to the first page. Just then, the doorbell rang. He looked at me with his famous “Please, do not answer that” look. As always, I just patted him on the head and headed for the door. He reluctantly fallowed. When I opened the door, there was no one there. I looked up and down the street but there was no one in sight. Then Lovely started barking and I looked down to find a pirate hat on my front step. I picked up the wet hat and carefully took it into the house. I set it on the kitchen counter and went to find a towel. As I dried off the felt, I wondered who would go to all of that trouble to put a pirate hat on my front porch in poring rain. I turned it over and tucked inside the rim was a note. Carefully I unfolded it and read it aloud to Lovely.


Ahoy, me Maties, Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

A Scurvy dog has pillaged me Booty.

All hand hoay ‘n Hang 'im from the yardarm.


If ye be no landlubber then fetch me shoulder mate

‘n Heave Ho to Batten down the hatches by noon!”


Lovely started barking in excitement and I had to sit down. Last night when I wished for an adventure I had no idea this is what was going to happen when I woke up.  First thing I did was to get out my notebook and translate the message.

Detective Katherine Pig Case 5

Pirate hat and note found on doorstep note said:


Hello, my friend! Pull up the anchor and the sail and let us get going.

A bandit stole my treasure.

All hands on deck to punish those we have captured in battle.


If you are not a clumsy person who can not sail,

Then retrieve my parrot and give it a big effort to tie everything down by noon.


  Even though I knew exactly what he would decide, I turned to Lovely and said. “Well little buddy what do you think? Should we go back and read your book or should we find out where this note leads us?” He answered by going and getting his rain slicker and dropping it at my feet. I laughed, dressed him, and then dressed in my own duster and boots. Since the hat was already wet I put it on my head grabbed my detective bag and headed out the door with Lovely right behind me. When I got to the end of the walk I noticed that the flag on my mailbox was up and that there was a scull and cross bones on the tip of it. I opened it up and found a small package, when I unfastened the tape I fond another note and two eye patches.

Ye lass have made the right choice here be a patch for ye ‘n yer Seadog

So that ye both, may have deadlights of a true pirate.

Me treasure was last at Moxie’s shop.

I put the note in my bag added the patches to our costume and headed toward town humming a few bars of  “Dead Man’s Chest” I could feel everyone’s eyes on me but it was my birthday so I really didn’t care.  I was having the time of my life.

            As the bell above the door of Moxie’s shop rang out, he scurried out from behind the curtain. When he saw us the corners of his mouth twitched and he had to look away for a moment before addressing us in his usual tone.

            “Well DK what brings you to my shop today?” A little reluctantly, I pulled out the second note and showed it to him. He raised an eyebrow at me and said.

            “There is no pirate treasure here nor was there ever that I know of.” I frowned at him. I was just starting to wonder whether or not to believe him when the bell above the door announced another visitor.  Moxie worriedly looked at me then to the door wishing that I would disappear. The newcomer who was covered black leather and warring a motorcycle helmet covering their face did not come up to the counter. Instead, they approached me, and placed a long box in my arms then rushed out of the store. The note taped to the top said DK I placed it on the counter, opened it up expecting to find some flowers but instead I found a long saber. Moxie’s eyes opened wide and I could see, the dollar signs in their refection. I looked in the box and found another note. I pulled it out and read it aloud.

Here be me sward to blow the man down!

Dead men tell no tales!


I picked up the sward and pointed the tip at Moxie who went white as a sheet then he disappeared into to the back room. I was not surprised that when he reemerged he was holding a large treasure chest. He set it on the counter pushed it toward me and then backed away. I picked it up and examined it; it was a beautiful old piece that had a lock on the front. I taped at the top and the sides, when I tapped the bottom it sounded hallow so I turned it over and examined it more closely. I found a secret compartment, inside was another note.

Here be me Dead Man’s Chest

Me girl plundered the key

Seek the Powder Monkey.


I smiled, tucked the sward in my belt, put the notes in my bag, tucked the chest under my arm, and headed out the door. We went down the street to Matilda Monkey’s Beauty Supply and went inside. Matilda was sitting at her nail painting station and gave me a big grin when I entered.

            “What brings you here today DK!” she said sweetly

            “I am looking for a key to open this chest.” I said holding it out to her she laughed and said.

            “I am no locksmith honey I am a beautician. Come sit down and I will make you up right.” I am normally a simple girl and do not like to be gussied up but this was a special occasion after all so I sat down.  She painted my nails a bright gold and then she fished them off with little anchors. She led me over to a full-length mirror the whole outfit was something to behold. Lovely barked and Matilda laughed.

            “I think he approves! Give me a turn girl, let me get a good look at you.” As I turned slowly around something on the side of the mirror caught my eye. There hanging from one of the pegs was a key. I went over to it and picked it up by its leather strap. Then I took it over to where I had set down the chest. I held my breath as I slipped the key into the lock and turned it. It made a loud click so I opened it up. There inside was a bright green parrot piñata and another note.

Ye be a smart lass

Here be me shoulder mate

Find me treasure ‘n the galley


I took out my wallet but Matilda shook her head.

            “Its on the house honey. Go have fun!” Lovely and I crossed the street to Tally’s sub shop. When I got there the door was locked I peered through the window but there did not seem to be anyone there. Just then, the masked rider speed past on his motorcycle. I hurried after him hoping that they would tell me what was going on. I determined that from the direction they were going the only place they could end up was the dock. I took a chance and went home to get my scooter and set off in pursuit. Sure enough when I got to the harbor there, did the boardwalk park the motorcycle? I looked around but saw nothing of the rider. I walked down the boardwalk toward the shipping lanes. Everything seemed to be locked up and abandoned which was unusual for this time of day.  When I reached the end of the dock there in a little dinghy sat the masked rider. They held out their gloved hand to me, despite my better judgment took it, and climbed into the boat.  They used an ore to push away from the dock and we slowly made our way out to sea. I sat there transfixed what had I gotten myself into. When we rounded the end of the jetty a large pirate ship came into view I was so flabbergasted that I just about fell out of the boat. The rider steadied me and then pulled up alongside the boat.  Out of nowhere, two ropes were lowered from somewhere on deck the rider hooked his and then pointed to me. I clipped the rope to my end of the boat and we started to ascend toward the deck. When we reached the top, the rider got out first then extended their hand to me. Lovely jumped onto the deck barking excitedly. I toot the hand offered and stepped onto the deck the planks were wet and I slipped the rider caught me in a big bear hug and kept me on my feat. He asked in a voice I thought I recognized but could not place.

            “Haven’t found your sea legs yet sailor?” He held my hand as we moved across the deck in the direction of the lower deck. He paused at the door and opened it for me Lovely dashed down the steps and I cautiously fallowed. As I stepped off the last step, the whole room exploded in a fury of noise. I stepped back in surprise and found myself in the rider’s arms again. There before me was the whole town above their heads was a large banner that read Happy Birthday Katherine. I was so overwhelmed that I had not notice the rider leading me to the big table that was barely supporting an enormous cake. When I turned toward him, I realized that he was still wearing the helmet and I was dieing to know who was behind that mask. When he had set me down at the pace of honor he turned his back to me and took off his headgear. When he turned back to me my breath caught in my throat.

            “Will is that you?” He smiled down at me and said in his deep voice

            “Hello, DK Happy Birthday!” He then leaned down and kissed the tip of my snout. I must have turned a deeper shade of pink because he laughed and turned to the rest of the crowd and boomed.

            “Now that the guest of honor is here let this party beguine.” Food was served and we all ate heartily. I couldn’t help staring at Will the whole time I had not seen him since detective school and I wondered what he had been up to. He noticed me looking at him, he crossed the boat toward me he held out his arm, and I took it. He lead me up the deck where there was lights hanging from the mast and soft music playing. He pulled me into his arms and we twirled around the small boat.  For a moment time stopped and it was just the two of us.  As the stars started to fill the sky, he bent down and kissed me.

            “I have missed you so much!” he whispered into my ear. I put my head on his chest and said.

            “I have missed you too.” Just then, Lovely started barking at our feet and I scooped him up until he rested between us. We stood in that embrace for a long time. Then Will reluctantly pulled away from me and said with a smile.

            “Come on birthday girl let’s get you some cake!”

            “I will be down in a minuet.” I said and walked to the bow of the ship. I looked up into the sky and saw the wishing star once more.

            “Thank you!” I said barley above a whisper. Then I headed below deck to get some cake this really had been the best birthday surprise ever.  I solved a case was reacquainted with an old friend and the best part is I do not have to file any paperwork about it.