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When the Vampire Kissed

Mark tried to lean casually against the lamppost, but his nervous movements screamed any thing but calm. He didn't belong on that side of town, but love such as theirs knew no such limits Finally his waiting was rewarded by her shadow filling the top window of the nearby high rise. Mark held his breath as she started to brush her hair the long dark strands glistening in the moonlight. With all of his will power he fraught the urge to call up to her 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb that raven stair .”

When she had finished bushing she stepped out onto the fire escape and looked at the stars. He quickly moved closer to the building so that he was out of the light. Suddenly she froze and hugged herself.

“Is anyone out there?” She asked the night. With out meaning to he started to step into the light but someone clasped a hand over his mouth and dragged him into the nearest alley.

“Dude shut up!” a gruff voice said in his ear. Mark realized who it was, shook off the bear hug, then growled at him.

“Let me alone Gabriel!”

“Wow slow down there little buddy. You know who that is don't you?” Gabriel asked then continued in his brotherly tone

. “That there is the daughter of the lead vampire. If he caught you in his territory he would have his minions rip you to shreds.” Mark sighed and looked at the window again but she had already turned in. With a shrug of defiance he turned on his heal and stormed back toward home to the wrong side of the tracks.

The next night, despite the warnings from Gabriel he returned because the mere thought of her was to intoxicating not to. This time when she asked the night if anyone was there he willed himself to stay in the light. When she caught sight of him, instead of calling out in alarm or running away, she just stared down and smiled. Every night after he stood his ground and let her gaze upon him. One night he arrived just as always only moderately concerned by the electricity in the air caused by the upcoming holiday. In his spot he found a pink envelope that smelled like lavender. Mark quickly opened it. In a beautiful script she had written.

“Meet me at the fountain 12am on the 31st. R” He read it again just to be sure then did a little happy dance.

“What are you doing on this side of the tracks boy!” A large vampire growled at him. This caused Mark to jump. To his surprise he was completely encircled by five angry dudes and could tell by their scowls that they would not believe that he was just passing through.. Slowly he turned around in a little circle hoping for an escape, but none was to be found so he straitened and prepared to fight. The group did not make move instead they all just stood there like statues staring at him. After what seemed like an eternity one side of the little circle parted and the largest man Mark had ever seen entered through the gap, then it closed behind him. Mark did not need any introduction he knew exactly who this man was. He just stood there staring at his feet like a child caught steeling candy from the penny a piece jar. The man laid a cold hand on his shoulder and spoke in a fatherly voice.

“Son, you know better than this don't you?” Mark nodded unable to speak The father of his lover continued. “I have a peace treaty with your father that does not permit me to have my boys here rip you limb from limb but if I ever catch you on my side of town again, I will personally remove that pretty head of yours from your shoulders do you understand? “ Mark nodded. The man let go of his arm and stepped to the side the wall of bodies opened and Mark ran out and all the way home. He was going to go get in his coffin before sunrise he had a big night a head of him tomorrow.

The next night as the sun set Marks eyes fluttered open. He sauntered casually out of the house but to his dismay he saw Gabriel standing in front of the gate. Before he could say anything Mark said.

“Look dude I am staying in our territory tonight I promise.” Gabriel looked into his soul to see if he was telling the truth and to his relive he stood aside and let him through. As soon as he was clear of the property he ran full speed to the park. There she was in all her glory waiting for him. They sat there talking on a park bench each of them on their side of the line with only there finger tips touching. At 4 am he told her that he better be getting back and she nodded in agreement. He slid his body across the seat and she did the same. They leaned together toward the middle each knowing what the other wanted. She paused only for a moment and he gassed at her in amazement when fangs grew. He laughed and let his out. When they were fully exposed they kissed. It was a very hot and heavy Vampire lovers Kiss. When Mark tried to pull away he discovered to his horror that there fangs had stuck together like two young teens who had locked there braces. Anything that they tied to do to free themselves just made it worse. Knowing that they would not make it back to their coffins in time they kissed again and as the sun crested the horizon they turned into dust forever locked in their lovers embrace.

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