Repeater Users

New Users

The repeater does not announce it is on the air, no tones or call signs are broadcast by the repeater.

How to talk on a radio       Talking into a Microphone

Before you press the microphone to talk, please take the following action:-

1: Listen and check that other users are not using the repeater

2: Think of what you are going to say before you broadcast

3: Please be advised this is not a secure Radio system, names and personal information should not be transmitted over the air

4: Transmitting: Press and hold down the Push to Talk (PTT) button and wait two seconds before talking, when finished say OVER, as this will tell the other station you have finished speaking.


If you are calling another station please follow this procedure:-

1. Give the call sign of the station you wish to contact twice then give your call Sign once.

2. Salisbury control, Salisbury control, this is Alfa 13, do you receive over?

3. Alfa 13, Alfa 13 this is Salisbury Control pass your message, over.

Radio Check

Report the readability of my transmission.

Respond with:  “Good”; “Readable with difficulty”; “Unworkable” or “Nothing Heard”.


Radio waves are restricted by walls, metal objects, trees and tall buildings. When transmitting try and keep clear of the above. If control or you are having problems receiving just by moving a meter  to one side  this may resolve the problem.  

Other users

The repeater is used by other groups. Their call signs are as follows:

Whiskey Echo: call signs Wessex 4x4 response

Sierra: Call signs Serve On

Romeo: Call signs Raynet

Zulu: Call signs Support 2Ops

Alfa: Call signs Flood Warden

Victor = Visitor

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