Hope for Children School - Salisa Bana

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), home of nearly 5 million orphans.  A country where the average annual salary is $153. Please help us to educate and care for these children that desperately need our help. 

Our school is open and we are accepting children K-8 and some high school classes are available at night. We will continue accepting any child we find that might be orphaned or abandoned by their parents (limited space). Many of them have never been in one place for very long, and have only known poverty all their short lives. But at Salisa Bana they will have a home, religion, receive medical attention and the love they deserved as children of God. 

Salisa Bana's staff includes our facilities director, 10 teachers, doctor, cook, laundry, 2 security guards and 2 nannies as needed.

Our Mission: Salisa Bana is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities, shelter, clothing, food, and medical care to orphans and disadvantaged children and their families. Our goal is to improve their quality of life and to empower them to become contributing members of their families and communities.

Goals and Objectives: 
  • To provide educational assistance to orphans and marginalized children in Africa
  • To serve as a link between international sponsors and the sponsored children and families in Africa
  • To mobilize resources (i.e. human, organizational, financial, information, etc.) to support the identified needs of the children and their families
  • To obtain safe, stable, and secure living environments for orphans and marginalized children and families

Tornado hits Salisa Bana School in the Democratic Republic
of Congo. Only a few bruises and scratches to the 280
students, teachers, other staff and volunteers who manage
the 35+ acres of school and grounds. God was truly
watching over the most precious part of our school.
Now Construction Repairs at Salisa Bana School have

On May 15th we sent the first half of our $30,000 repair cost goal to Salisa Bana
school to start the repair process after a tornado struck the school in late March.
We are so thankful for the awesome response we have received from our donors
and partner families. Soon new roofs will be placed on 3 school building and the
other buildings to replace the ones destroyed by the tornado. Once the outside of
the buildings are repaired the work of refinishing the inside starts. Solar panels
that were destroyed in the tornado have been purchased and will be installed soon
to provide electricity for classrooms, other buildings and to provide most need
electricity to run the pump for our new well that provides for the first time clean,
fresh, life saving water. Many of the school desks were destroyed and we will have
to build new ones at a cost of $25 each. We will need a total of 75-100 desk to replace the destroyed ones. Here are the first photos of the repairs:


The process has begun but we still need help. We have raised just half of our goal
and need another $15,000 in order to bring the school back to full working order.
Please consider giving to help us bring positive and life changing education back to
the students at Salisa Bana School. If you would like to support this relief effort,
please contact Deacon Jim Pittman at 503-312- 5692 with any questions on how to
Again, thank you so much for your support of Salisa Bana School and the work we
get to do to bring a better future to the children of the Democratic Republic of
Blessings and thanks,
Deacon Jim Pittman

Roof materials hurled into surrounding field

Thank you all for your support to our children in Congo. If you can help please donate online or send to: 
PO Box 1027, Clackamas, OR 97015

Please consider a donation to help support these children. For $30 a month you will feed, clothe and educate a child. 

We find homes for orphans with local DRC families. The annual cost to support a family to raise a child is $1,200.  

God bless you and thank you for all you have done for our family in Congo! 

Our partner organization, Our Family in Africa, has a secure online donation system that is set up to also collect donations for Salisa Bana. By clicking on the link below you can donate directly to Salisa Bana. Please be sure to select Salisa Bana and we will receive 100% of your donation. 


To all our valued donors: when you buy on Amazon, Salisa Bana and our kids will benefit! Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to Salisa Bana! Please use this link below when you purchase anything on Amazon. God Bless and Thank you! 



If you would like to help, please contact Deacon Jim Pittman
503-312-5692 or email: 


Salisa Bana is a partner with Our Family in Africa, for more information about OFA, please visit: 


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