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XC Camp 2016

Saline Cross Country Camp July 17-20, 2017

Summer camp registration must be done online. You will need the following information before filling out the forms:

  • Medical insurance name, policy & group number and address

  • **NEW** Medical Prescription Card (if not included in Medical Insurance card)

  • Emergency contact information

  • Date of last tetanus shot (must be within the last 10 years)

  • Allergies, medication and any special medical information

Steps to register:

  1. Answer the online questions. Click on Submit and the completed forms will be emailed to you.

  2. Print your form out.

  3. Sign the forms in the appropriate spots.(Digital signatures are not accepted)

  4. Return all forms with payment to the address below.

      There is ONE open spot at camp.  

   Registration is still open.  Names will be added to a wait list if all spots are filled.

Start Registration Here

No refunds after July 1, 2017

Please return completed and signed

  ___ Registration form
___ Minor Waiver and Release of Liability form
___ Medical information form
___ Photocopy of Medical Insurance & Prescription Card **BOTH sides, please**
___ Check made out to “Friends of Saline Cross Country” for $140 or 
           Pay $140 using VENMO by Credit Card (3% surcharge, total cost of $144.20 will appear             on credit card account) or
           Pay $140 using VENMO from Checking Account (no surcharge, total cost $140)
Click on link for instructions on how to use Venmo

The above amount includes bus transportation to & from camp, equipment truck rental, camp fee, pizza party, ice, water, Gatorade, camp T-shirt, and SCCC liability insurance costs.


Drop off or Mail paperwork & check to:        Registration Questions?

Theresa Cook                                     

1195 W. Willis Road                                         313-213-3409 (Theresa Cell)

           Saline, MI 48176                                        734-316-2184 (Theresa Home)


Camp Questions ? : Boys                                         Girls

                                 Puneet and Pratima Garg        Jennifer Wilson


Here are a few reminders as you begin packing and planning for XC camp:

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\nalgene.jpg

Water and Gatorade will be provided at camp.  All you need to bring is a refillable water bottle or two.  Do NOT bring 24/48/etc. bottles of water.  For packing purposes, it's too heavy and takes up too much room.

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\hydration.jpg

Hydration is very important. Campers should drink a lot of water the day before we leave for camp.  


Label EVERYTHING with your name.  Duct tape works well.  There is a ton (literally) of equipment, so it's much easier to keep track of your items if your NAME is on them.

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\menu.jpg

Plan out your menu with your tent-mates.  Keep it simple.  Keep it healthy.  Don't duplicate food items (Ketchup, peanut butter, etc)

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\stove.jpg

Try not to duplicate large items like coolers and camp stoves.  

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\totes.jpg

Plan to help out packing the equipment you bring on Monday. All equipment will go either in the camp truck or in the storage area of the buses. 

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\propane.jpg

Propane tanks cannot be transported on the buses. Make sure to pack them in the labeled totes/boxes that will be carried on the truck.   

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\bus.png

All campers will be assigned to a specific bus.  You will find out your bus assignment when you arrive on Monday.

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\money.png

Remember to bring money to buy lunch at Steak ’n Shake on the way back home.

Make sure you have any needed medications WITH you, not packed under the bus or in the U-Haul truck.


Make sure to pack a couple of extra large plastic garbage bags. These are really handy to put any wet items when you pack to come home.


Bring a large zip lock bag to keep electronics dry.

C:\Documents and Settings\romero\Desktop\question-marks22.jpg

Are you not sure what to pack? Check the website for a checklist of the items you will need at camp and any late-breaking information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Camp Coordinators: Bobby Garg ( 734-277-6668, Pratima Sharma ( 734-277-6666, Jennifer Wilson (

Camp Registration: Theresa Cook (, 313-213-3409


Videos from XC Camp 2016

Saline Cross Country Camp 2016 Promo

Saline Cross Country Medley