Welcome to Salinas Elementary Teachers' Council

The Salinas Elementary Teachers Council (SETC) is the organization that represents all the teachers of the Salinas City Elementary School District in all matters of employment relations with their employer. Because of its status as a state-recognized bargaining unit, it is the sole and exclusive representative body authorized to intercede on behalf of teachers or units of teachers in this district, regarding all matters of pertaining to employer-employee relations including wages, hours and all terms and conditions of employment.

As a professional organization, SETC seeks to create a forum that shapes a group opinion on professional matters that involve its members, representing them with an authoritative and united voice. We provide the opportunities for continued study on the challenges faced by teaching professionals. We raise the standards for the professionals dedicated to the educational support of children. We promote professional attitudes and ethical conduct among our members.

SETC provides a means for representation for its ethnic minority members. We foster fellowship amongst our members and we encourage cooperation and healthy communication between the profession and the community.

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