About CASP

The Community Alliance for Safety and Peace is a coalition of organizations and leaders from Salinas and Monterey County determined to address gang activity and a culture of violence that continue to affect the public welfare. CASP is made up of youth service organizations, county housing and health officials, local and state elected officials, criminal justice and law enforcement officials, educational leaders, business leaders, representatives of the faith community, and private funding organizations. More than 30 organizations and leaders are involved.
Participants meet twice a month to exchange ideas, netowrk and share resources with a commitment to making the city of Salinas and the entire county a safe and peaceful place to live, work and visit.
While the immediete tragedy of gang violence continues to compel this effort, CASP seeks to acheive both a present and long-term benefit across the continuum of prevention, intervention, supression, and re-entry.
How and when did CASP get started?
The alliance dates back to March 2008, when the Childrens Council of Monterey County established what was initially called the Violence Prevention Subcommittee. Its formation followed a winter marked by extremely high levels of gang-related violence in Salinas.
In November 2009, the Violence Prevention Subcommittee joned with the Community Safety Alliance of the city of Salinas to further unify efforts topromote peace and safety under the name of CASP.