Declaration of the Foundation

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Based on the work and lifelong achievements of our parents Salih and Isa Nushi; valuing their long term commitment in developing education, culture and science in Mitrovica and Kosova; inspired by their testimony and good will, their altruism in supporting development processes in our city- Mitrovica; WE- their descendants initiated creation of a non-for-profit, non-governmental foundation, without any preferences of political, religious, gender, racial or ethnic nature, and which will serve the purpose to promote and support development of education, science and culture initially in the city of Mitrovica, with the aim to expand throughout the territory of Kosova.

The decision for establishing the Foundation for Education, Science and Culture ”Salih and Isa Nushi” was taken in October 2009, by the closest family members, in marking of the tenth respectively eighth anniversary of the death of Isa respectively Salih Nushi.