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Steve, I have to hand it to you, you took this topic all the way to the moon
and back... great work on the retrofuturistic space article. I, for one,
was educated *and* entertained by the whole thing. This is really a great
new angle to add to the site and you are clearly just the man for the job.
Serious kudos all around.


  March 2, 2009 

     Kurt Kohl

Administrator/Editor, WebUrbanist

“You brought a professional attitude to The Driver and made it an easy place to work.”


  November 26, 2008 

     Dan de Figuereido

Writer, The Driver magazine




“I just wanted to say again how great of a job you did with the book artists article. You found 
awesome examples and really made it fit the style of the site. It is great to have you on board!


  September 10, 2008 

     Kurt Kohl

Administrator/Editor, Web Urbanist

The article looks great! Nice job on the magazine, well done!


  April 15, 2008 

     David Gold

President, Standard Auto Wreckers


Your press release is great fun.  Good job!


  April 11, 2008 

      Phyllis Hinz & Lamont Mackay

      "The Cooking Ladies"




Hi Steve! You are doing are really good job... Over all we are happy with work that has been done, everything looks great.


   March 31, 2008 

      Serhiy Robak

      President, DrainCom

The response was great. Everyone was very pleased!


   March 30, 2007 

      Kristine Youngberg

Business Development

Odyssey Marine Exploration

“I am happy and proud that you are part of the team. Please keep up your good work.”


   October 10, 2006 

      Sam Adewale

        President and Publisher
       The Driver Magazine
“Your thoughtful contributions have been much appreciated.”


   June 14, 2006 

      Robert C. Lock

        Chairman & Editor-in-Chief
       Southern Arts Journal
“I have come to appreciate your good humor, work ethic, positive outlook, and excellent writing skills so much.”


   April 6, 2006 

      Natalie Lin

       Managing SEO Editor 
       Trouvé Publishing, Inc.
“Steve Levenstein is an excellent writer and he cranks press releases out faster than a speeding bullet!!!”


   March 9, 2006 

      Nelson Hudes

      President, Hudes Communications Intl.




“I really appreciate the way that you help us out. I believe we are very happy with your work and find you to be an exceptional person. I look to be doing a lot more business with you in the future!”


   December 23, 2005  

      Don Moskaluk

      Managing Director, N5R.com




“Whenever you need someone to do copywriting for you, Steve Levenstein is very talented, fast, and very competitively priced.”


   December 7, 2005 

      Andy Sikorski
      Creative Director  
      StartMedia, LLC - Design / Marketing




“I think you've done a terrific job with the copy. Thank you so much for doing a great job in a relatively short period of time.”


   December 1, 2005 

      Andy Sikorski
      Creative Director

     StartMedia, LLC - Design / Marketing




“I find you a compelling writer and would not hesitate to recommend you to other publications.”
   November 29, 2005  
      Romana King

     Editor, The Driver Magazine




“It's looking good. This is another good article from you, thank you.”


  October 26, 2005 

      Robert C. Lock
      Chairman & Editor-in-Chief
      Southern Arts Journal
“You are an excellent writer and a strong researcher, and you have exceptional journalistic standards.”
   October 6, 2005  
      Romana King
      Editor, The Driver Magazine
“You have consistently produced high quality work and have been prompt about returning your assignments. Keep up the good work!”
   September 29, 2005  
      Liz Smith
      Editor-In-Chief, Trouve Publishing, Inc.  
“I wish that I could remember to tell you about the great work that you are doing for our company.”
   September 2, 2005  
      Don Moskaluk
 Managing Director, N5R.com