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Freelance Writing,   Copywriting,   Copyediting,   Editing,   Proofreading


WORDS IN COLLISION is Steve Levenstein, a professional writer, editor, copywriter and copyeditor specializing in online media. Direct any and all inquiries regarding services, availability or rates to SALevenstein (@) gmail.com   

  • Writing (investigative journalism and non-fiction writing for online & print media)
  • Copywriting (web copy, ad copy, catalog descriptions, online newsletters)  
  • Editing, Copyediting and Proofreading  
  • Writing for the Web (SEO and Keyword utilization)
  • Press Release writing
  • Research proficiency via Internet Search Engines
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Word, HTML, FTP, Internet 
  • Home Office equipped and enabled for telecommuting
  • Communication (complete English fluency, conversational Japanese)
  • Creativity (effective targeted marketing for e-commerce) 
  • Excellent spelling and grammar
  • Former MENSA member 


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The Driver Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that both informs and entertains Canadian drivers on the issues they face on this country’s highways and byways. I have contributed between 1 and 5 articles to every issue of The Driver beginning with the Mar-Apr 2005 issue.

  • Since March of 2006 I have been the The Driver Magazine’s Official Copyeditor responsible for ongoing website maintenance as well as copyediting and proofreading each new issue before it goes to press.
  • Since September of 2006 I have been the The Driver Magazine’s Assistant Editor and have represented The Driver at various local events including being a Judge at the inaugural Car Show at the Tournament of Champions in Caledon, Ontario.
  • Since January of 2007 I have been the Editor of the Toronto Used Car Newspaper, a groundbreaking new publication from The Driver Inc. that cleverly combines the functions of a used car ad-sheet with an informative auto magazine.
  • Since September of 2007 I have been the Editor of The Driver Magazine, responsible for setting the theme of each issue, originating and assigning topic ideas to the other writers, and writing the Editorial which leads off every issue.
  • NEW - In October of 2008 I resigned my position as Editor so that the publisher of The Driver will be free to shift the magazine to a more sales-oriented, corporate focus. I will continue to provide The Driver with feature articles upon request.

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InventorSpot is a popular online resource for those interested in "the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas". Since May 15/2007 I have been the site's Japanese Innovations Writer specializing in on-the-edge products from Japan.  

    Check out my blog and read these illustrated articles and more!  

On September 25, 2007 I was named "Cool Geek of the Week" by the Instablogs Network in recognition of my popular content!       *** INTERVIEW ***          




"The newest author to the site, Steve has brought a twist of creative humor into the mix with articles on geek cake designs and brilliant book artists, extreme house boat designs, real-life nanotechnology applications, dramatic guerrilla marketing campaigns and steampunk art and fashion."

NEW - Retrofuture Space Flight: 15 Visions of Future Past



Dark Roasted Blend

 "Weird and wonderful things to complement your daily coffee ritual", Dark Roasted Blend is one of the premier sites on the web specializing in image-packed explorations of everything strange, unusual and beautiful. Words in Collision is a semi-regular contributor to DRB with several sample articles as follows:

NEW - Covered Wagons: When Paint Just Ain't Good Enough



 WIKIPEDIA, "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit", carries over 2 million articles in English and is a valuable resource and reference. As of November 2007, I have placed a number of articles from my InventorSpot blog into Wikipedia as permanent further references and external sources, including: 



 ODYSSEY MARINE EXPLORATION      O M E is a company engaged in the archaeologically sensitive exploration and recovery of deep-water shipwrecks throughout the world. Commissions from Odyssey have included composing “sales articles” for some of the many thousands of coins recovered from the shipwreck of the SS Republic as well as composing press releases to publicize them.    

  • Click here to view some of the articles and press releases I've written for Odyssey        



 BIZBASH     BizBash Media, founded in 2000, publishes magazines, hosts Web sites, and produces trade shows for the event, meeting and marketing industry in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Florida and Toronto. My services for BizBash Toronto involve writing Event Reports on the many celebrity and corporate parties and galas occurring in Toronto on a regular basis. Examples following:  



 BITCHIN' KITCHEN    Bitchin' Kitchen is a deliciously demented spin on cooking, lifestyle and all things bitchin'. Hosted by creative mastermind and cookin' cookie Nadia G., Bitchin' Kitchen is spearheading the new wave of mobile media while adding a delicious twist. I have written 6 articles for Bitchin' Kitchen; here are links to three :    1   2   3              



 THE SOUTHERN ARTS JOURNAL      The Southern Arts Journal™ is written for those in and of the South who still enjoy the well-written word. Broadly defined, eclectic and inclusive, the Journal spans topics of regional history, antiques, collectibles, music, interviews, essays, literature, new fiction and poetry, and includes Southern destinations, recipes, restaurants and road food. I have had the honor and privilege of working under the guidance of publisher Robert Lock and contributing historical articles with occasional associated sidebars to all four issues of The Southern Arts Journal beginning with Issue #1 in Fall 2005 and ending with Issue #4 in the Summer of 2006. 

  • Click here to read my articles published in The Southern Arts Journal      



 ZEBRA IT SOLUTIONS         Zebra IT Solutions Inc. (formerly Smart IT Solutions) is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada based web design & development company serving businesses across Canada, the United States and internationally. Beginning in March of 2006, I have been "on call" with Zebra IT Solutions. My first commission was to copyedit and correct the English text for their entire web site. I now offer Copywriting, Copyediting & Proofreading services for not only Zebra IT Solutions, but for their clients as well on an outsourced basis. A dedicated webpage at the Zebra IT Solutions website explains these services in detail, with emphasis on "ESL Copyediting" designed to correct and enhance the often substandard English text often found in new commercial websites.                HUDES Communications                                                                    Hudes Communications International provides clients with innovative opportunities for success in the areas of Public Relations, Marketing, Sponsorship, Promotions, Advertising and Events. For over 2 years, I have been the preferred writing resource for the press releases required to jump-start an ongoing series of public relations campaigns.     Click here to view and review press releases I have written for Hudes Communications              N5R Realty Advisors    In my capacity as a copywriting and copyediting consultant for N5R, I've written copy for a wide variety of online and offline marketing materials including web content, promotional material, direct mail cards, press releases, business letters, live webcast scripts and main topic articles for the N5R website newsletter (beginning with May 2005).   Click here to view and review examples of work commissioned by N5R including: web content writing, promotional e-mails, main topic newsletter articles for the N5R website and a series of articles highlighting Michael Ryan and The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Island.                TROUVE Media, Inc.    Trouvé Media, Inc. authors and publishes online informational resource websites in categories such as education, healthcare, finance and many more. I have written a total of 300 web content articles approximately 400 to 600 words each, optimized for Search Engine Optimization and compatibility.   Click here to review all 300 articles, via direct links to their actual websites!              PW Registry Corp.     Writer, 3-month contract (March - May 2005) to provide and post 50 articles about the "Survivor Palau" television show and Reality Television in general.              CLUB Magazine   7 Video Reviews published in CLUB's August 2001 issue.         ALL CONTENT Copyright © 2008, STEVE LEVENSTEIN. All rights reserved. window.parent['tr_1249565888796']()