In the same location since 1912

 Franklin Farms Salem, WV
Kelley Farms Salem, WV
We have concluded the 2016 growing season with the 32nd Annual Apple Butter Festival and hope to see you again in May of 2017.

Where local farmers have been selling their produce
since 1912 at the B & O Railroad Station

Celebrating our 104th year
Saturdays from 8 AM to Noon

Saturday August 6, 2016 Vine ripe Tomatoes are here
Red vine ripen tomatoes are displayed on a table at the Salem WV Farmers Market. In the background a sign reads "Farmers Market Open" another sign reads "No Smoking Property" in green letters.

Blackberry Cobblers are now available
The Mayor of Salem, WV Bobby Samples holding his Slice of Blacbkerry Cobbler to take home to his mother.