Kristi Negri Piano Studio


I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1980 with a BA in Music with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy. In my last term there, I was honored to be asked to teach the adult piano class at the university. My approach to piano lessons is far removed from the traditional "work your way page-by-page through a method book" system. Every lesson for every student is pre-planned to specifically address the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and to ensure a strong foundation in all elements. I use the New School emphasis on preparation for a new concept prior to presentation and then plenty of reinforcement following. As no students are alike, no two lesson plans are the same, and they are adjusted weekly in response to student progress. This requires significant preparation time on my part each week, but I feel it is the best way to ensure an engaged, successful student. 

Not all kids are made to be professional musicians, but I believe that everyone can find ways in which music resonates for them. My goal is to help your child find that resonance while reaping the time-honored benefits of studying something that is challenging both physically and intellectually over an extended period of time.

While sound piano performance is an important aspect of lessons, I feel that an equally important goal is to engender a lifelong musicality in the student. Many adults report that they took several years of piano as a child, but no longer play and are not able to listen to music with critical understanding. Because musical enjoyment is much more than sitting at a keyboard and working through a song, activities at lessons can involve (depending on the level and age of the student), paper and crayon, large-muscle rhythmic activities, interpretive listening exercises, and creativity exercises. Ear training often takes the form of a game and theory work has an immediate payoff in musical experience.

The student's interest and goals always factor into the work we do together. 

My studio is located in the Fairmount Hill district in South Salem.

Phone: 503.364.3441