My name is Salehe Erfanian Ebadi. I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at UBISOFT Montréal and Concordia University working under supervision of Dr. Tiberiu Popa on deep learning for animation synthesis. 

Before that, I was a Data Scientist at Visulytix where I helped develop real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to help clients handle the ever increasing flow of complex data streams in healthcare. I helped create the next biggest technological advancement in AI for Ophthalmology, where we competed head to head with the likes of Google DeepMind and IBM Watson. We used a combination of deep learning techniques with classical machine learning, and computer vision to build robust systems that could be used to diagnose with super-human accuracy, the degenerative eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, etc., even before an expert human Ophthalmologist is able to do so.

I did a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering with a Computer Vision focus in the Multimedia and Vision Lab at Queen Mary University of London, in London, UK. I was supervised by Prof. Ebroul Izquierdo. My PhD thesis is titled "Robust Subspace Estimation via Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition and Applications in Computer Vision".

My research interests include Deep Learning, Computer Vision/Graphics, Image and Video Processing, and Machine Learning. I have spent the majority of my time in QMUL studying low-dimensional representations for computer vision problems, specifically in segmentation, tracking, recognition, subspace clustering, and super-resolution.

My PhD research has been integrated into the European projects LASIE, SafeShore, COGNiTUS, and THIRA.

For hobby I play music (1D signals for leisure). I have been playing the Guitar since 2006 and I am an avid rock and metal fan. From time to time I get to jam with very talented musicians. If life permits I plan to put together my musical ideas.

Here you can find out about my current research and some useful links.

Latest News:

I have joined UBISOFT Montréal and Concordia University as a Postdoctoral Fellow, under supervision of Dr. Tiberiu Popa.

[17/11/2017] I have passed my PhD viva voce! The examiner panel were Prof. Shaogang Gong and Prof. Stephen McKenna. [Thesis link]
[23/10/2017] A paper accepted to the IET ICDP 2017 in Madrid, Spain for oral presentation.
[22/08/2017] A paper accepted at the IEEE TPAMI.
[31/07/2017] A paper accepted at ICCV 2017 RSL-CV in Venice, Italy.
[12/05/2017] I have joined Visulytix as a Data Scientist.
[23/02/2017] I am organizing the QMUL Hub for Google Hash Code 2017.
[08/10/2016] My work was featured in the ECCV 2016 Daily Magazine.
[12/10/2016] I am presenting a poster at ECCV 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
[25/09/2016] I am presenting a poster at ICIP 2016 in Phoenix, AZ, USA.