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About the Vaffanculo Day and the election law proposed by people

Dear readers,

this page is just to let you know about the V-Day (September 8th, 2007).

Italians, differently from citizens of other countries, usually complains about governants but do little or nothing to change things. Maybe Italians are lazy, or maybe they think of being able to take advantages of unclear situations. Unfortunately, this behaviour lead us to very bad situations (crimes, very poor money balances from the government, bad public services, lack or denial of responsibilities, very few nest kindergardens, high inflation rate, low salaries to honest workers, and so on).

On the September 8th, 2007 people have been called by Beppe Grillo, a comedian, to sign for a proposta di legge di iniziativa popolare (a law proposed to the Chambers because of people initiative). This proposal asks for three main points:

  • no Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial
  • the eligibility for election to Parliament has to be limited to 2 terms of office
  • restore people direct preferences for the election of parliamentarians (now parliamentarians are chosen by parties and people have to vote for locked lists - do you call it Democracy?)

Maybe we get some better politician this way. It's time to change the deck dealers.

Possibly, whole Europe would like Italy to be a more reliable partner. Many italians want to be better europeans. Please, help us to pass the word.

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