about competitiveness

list of (a few) notes about competitiveness in Italy

Is it possible to increase competitivenessin Italy?

It seems a hard task. Corporate interests are against competitiveness (don't sue me, there are several documents of the Italian antitrust saying that...). Almost each Italian citizen belongs to at least one category (taxy driver, pharmacists, etc.) that tries to preserve its privileges. Italians who do not belong to any category probably have a relative who does. People who do not belong to categories and whose strict relatives do not  belong to categories usually are so few that cannot really do nothing. But probably the knowledge of the advantages of competitiveness may change something, especially if the advantages can be spread across-categories (e.g., taxy driver who pay less for medicines, pharmacists who read more independent newspapers, journalists who can decide to fly with  on-time airlines, and so on...). Therefore the knowledge that a cheaper or better choice exist should be more widespread.

Cheaper and possibly equivalent alternatives

Please, help me to populate this list. I will put all new entries that are verifiable through a website and show a clear opportunity to save money and increase competitiveness.


from Pescara to Roma and back: Prontobus runs the Pescara/Roma line, and the fare price is 10 Euro (15 Euros return). Compare with the Arpa fare on the same route (15 Euro one way, 28 Euro return). Prontobus runs only three days per week: why?


Finally, the aspirin is available in Italy as well, courtesy of a 2005 law and the small pharma houses... But the pharmacists do not suggest the cheaper alternatives to the more expensive Bayer's, as an investigation from the l'Adige newspaper suggests (but no need to investigate, really, everybody knows that this is usually true..). Check the table with a price comparison of "acido acetilsalicilico" products from guidafarmaci.it. In a hurry, check the Acido Acetilsalicilico from Angelini (2.80 Euro), an old italian pharma company, versus the equivalent Bayer's Aspirina (3.95 Euro).

Please, help me to populate and to correct the above list.

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