Hi !  I am Md Abdus Salam better known as "Lincoln" among my friends and colleagues. I am working as a full time Web Software Developer for Center for Online Development (CODe) in the University of Texas at Arlington. I am also a part time PhD student of Computer Science at UT Arlington. I have started my PhD program from Fall 2015 under Dr. Gautam Das. My research interests are - Big Data, Information Retrieval, Social Computing, Crowdsourcing.

I have completed MS in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Arlington in fall 2011. I did my undergraduate study from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Currently I am working as the lead developer of IRB 2.0 project . The client of IRB2.0  project is Regulatory Services of UT Arlington . I recently developed and shipped ADTS 1.0 for Academic Analytics and Operations (AAO) department of UTA. These have been developed as  web app inside Mentis framework. Mentis is a framework which has been developed by CODe  to provide facilities for rapid software development and ease of application management. In this framework, different web applications are being developed as apps which provide a very useful way for communication and data exchange among multiple apps that will be invaluable for meeting different department's need of the University. 

I am also responsible for maintenance and debugging of of IRB 1.0, TRAINING 1.0, STEM 1.0 inside UTA profile system 1.0

I have been providing maintenance and development support for different applications in live Mentis, such as - Profiles, Grant Management, Post Award Module, EOC, COI, REP/FDL etc. I also perform necessary
tasks to manage code bases and databases of AAO records and registration website, Graduate School legacy website and  DS-PRO application 

I was the lead developer and architect of the NIST-MEP Technology Acceleration project. TMAC was the client for this project. It was an interesting project which enabled TMAC engineers to search different academic institutions in Texas to find out appropriate research facilities which can help accelerate the R&D of local small and medium industries. I worked on this project from January 2012 to May 2013.

During my Masters program, I worked as a Graduate Research Assistant (Web Developer) in Electronic Research Administration of UT Arlington. Here, I was involved in two interesting projects - Grant Management and Account Request Application. Grant Management was a project of team work whereas in ARA I worked alone by applying my experience from Grant Management.

My Major in MS was  Database and Software Engineering. My undergraduate research project Database System Optimization and Performance Tuning gave me much interest to get involved into higher studies for developing a career in database and software engineering field. I used Oracle as my platform to do this project. Details of this project can be found here.

I have written a small research paper on agile method practice of Software Engineering. The paper discusses about some findings regarding applicability of Extreme Programming (XP) in Mission Critical Projects which can be found here.

If you want to contact me please email me at lincoln.cse.uta@gmail.com