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Yantras and Mandalas on the www.

Yantras: Ancient Tantric Symbols presented in Traditional and

Reinterpreted Settings
Wonderful watercolors by Lisa Greenleaf with informative descriptions.

The Nine Mandalas of the Shri Yantra
An interesting page with good line art.

Buddhist Mandalas
Beautiful historic Buddhist mandalas, presented in clear images. A bit slow to load on my browser, but I used the time to breathe and meditate with the heritage of modern mandala artists. Recommended!

Dharmapala Centre School of Thangka Painting
A Thangka Painting School with an experience of more than 20 years in Thangka painting of authentic quality based on Tibetan Buddhist texts. Check out the list of images.

The Koelz Collection
Antique Tibetan Tankas.

Khazana India Arts Online: Thanka Paintings
Interesting information and some very nice images.

Taeger Collection
Contemporary Thankas.

Sacred Art Reproductions
Dharma Publishing's listing of sacred art reproductions. Subjects include the Buddha, Padmasambhava, Dhyani Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Green and White Tara, Great Masters, and Mandalas.

Mandalas: Buddhist Tantric Diagrams
A fascinating explanation of the construction of Tibetan Buddhist mandalas. Site created by Patrick A. George. Recommended

Symbolism of Mandalas
Good information on this page which is a part of the wonderful BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network

The Rossi Collection
A collection of early Tibetan Mandalas in JPEG format. Highly Recommended.

The Art of Tibet
A well done and extensive site featuring mandalas and thangkas.

Tibet Shop
Mandala and Thanka page. Much of their art is included (with deep appreciation!) in the 2005 Page-a-Day Calendar created by Clare for Workman Publishing Co.

Three-Dimensional Mandala
Created by Pema Namdol Thaye, a master Tibetan artist and author.

Exploring the Mandala
The Cornell University Computer Arts Dept. creates a 3-D Tibetan Mandala.

Kalachakra (Wheel of Time) Mandala
Good information and large graphics.

Mandala of the Medicine Buddha
A beautiful graphic in a site containing a very good introduction to Tibetan Buddhist practice.

Mandala Offering
What a discovery! Have you always wondered where to put "the wish fulfilling cow" in your mandala? Detailed instruction on Tibetan sand mandala images from Osel Shen Phen Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Center.

Wellesley College
"Circles of healing, Circles of peace" sand mandala created from Feb. 15 to March 1, 2005.

Sand Mandala Photo Gallery
The Washington Post brings you this resource- Recently at the Sackler Gallery, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks created a mandala. One of the monks, Tsering Wangchuk, explains the significance of various parts of the mandala and talks about its progress - his comments appear below the images and are also available as RealAudio files.

Sand Mandala by the Venerable Losang Samten
An excellent look at the construction of a "wheel of life" sand mandala with great interactive content from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Mandala Sand Painting - Photo Gallery
Photos by Nancy Jane Reid.

Sand Mandala at Berea College
Good documentation of sand mandala construction.

Sand Mandala
Another look at sand mandala construction from ARTNETWORK Virtual Gallery.

Kalachakra Mandala Ritual
Good pictures of the closing ritual of the Kalachakra sand mandala.

Carl Jung and the Mandala
For Jung, mandalas are "vessels" into which we project our psyche. This site includes information on Jung's involvement with mandalas and quotes from his writings on the subject.

The Life and Works of Hildegard of Bingen
A brief biography and a description of Hildegard's remarkable work.

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