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23rd June 2013
A busy period in our calendar concludes next week with the IBC nationals at High Wycombe. Let's continue our recent hard work and improvement and bring some national medals.
Well done to all who graded last week. There was some really nice judo on display at the grading and the grades awarded reflected this.
A big thank you to those who took part in the demonstration at Mead Vale School Fate. A good display like that one is a really good advertisement for our club.
Remember that term finishes on 28th June and from 3rd July we will be training once a week at the Campus through the summer holidays. Beginners 6.00 to 7.00pm and graded judo 7.00 to 8.00pm. If you normally train at one of the other venues, it would be really good to see you train at The Campus through the summer which is a great opportunity to train with different people.
28th April 2013
Lots of judo coming up over the coming months including Judo / Aikido course in Bristol in June; IBC National Championships and Junior grading also in June.
Next event up is the league tournament at The Campus on 19th May. We want to see you all there.
Please check the Calendar tab for all of the upcoming events.
18th March 2013
Yesterday we took a strong contingent of judoka to the Tora Judo Kai invitational tournament in Portishead, Bristol. Our judoka all fought exceptionally well and theie progress since the last tournament was clear to see. Medal winners were as follows:
Jake Richards - Silver
Gabrielle Sawyer Parker - Silver
Austin Harling - Silver
Charlotte Simons - Bronze
Connor Santo - Gold
Connor Thomas - Silver
Tom Griffiths - Silver
Renz Vallejera - Gold in intermediates and Bronze in men's high grades
Well done to all who took part.
Tom Griffiths and Connor Santo          Austin, Jake and Gabrielle
17th March 2013
We are now running Aikido lessons in Henbury, Bristol. Please see the 'INTRO AIKIDO BRISTOL' document at the bottom of the page or contact Glenda for more details on 07876 342439. First lesson is free!
4th March 2013
Yesterday was our annual club championships. The instructors were very impressed with the level of judo on display. It is clear to see the progress that all of the students are making.
The annual club awards are as follows:
Judoka of the Year - Reece Drennan (Campus)
Junior Boy of the Year - Freddie Priddie (Campus)
Junior Girl of the Year - Sophie Howe (Campus)
Best Newcomers - Austin Harling / Connor Santos (Campus / St. Martins)
Spirit of Judo Award - Amelia Morris (Campus)
 Our annual award winners.
 Mixed Tiny Tots   Boys Under 25 Kg 
 1st Amelia Morris  1st Jake Richards
 2nd Rebecca Cox  2nd Taylor Plaistow
    3rd Fletcher Stanley
 Girls Under 30Kg    
 1st Aya Keating  Boys Under 30Kg 
 2nd Angelina Georgiou  1st Alex Sharpe
 3rd Amy Rossiter  2nd Bradley Hams
    3rd Andrano Georgiou
 Girls Under 40Kg    
 1st Lemonie Georgiou  Boys Under 35Kg 
 2nd Sophie Howe  1st Tom Frost
 3rd Alexis Burrell  2nd Reece Drennan
    3rd Luke Hams
 Girls Over 40Kg    
 1st Gabrielle Sawyer Parker  Boys Under 45kg 
 2nd Cody White  1st Joe Frost
 3rd Jade Atkinson  2nd Luke Hams
    3rd Louis Parker Mills
 Boys Under 50kg   Boys Under 60kg 
 1st Austin Harling  1st Connor Thomas
 2nd Quaid Wilson  2nd Connor Santo
 3rd Tom Cattermole  3rd Cris Bors
 Boys Open    
 1st Rens Vallerjaro   
 2nd Connor Thomas   
 3rd Cris Bors   
All of our award winners and competition medalists.
27th February 2013
Well done to the students who competed in the tournament at The Busen on Sunday. Four students competed and came back with 5 trophies:
Connor Thomas won gold in his weight category and bronze in the open category.
Austin Harling won silver.
Connor Santo won bronze.
Tom Griffiths won bronze.
Well done boys. You competed well and were a credit to the club.
4th January 2013
Happy new year to everybody associated with Sakura Bana Budo Kwai!
Training recommences on 7th January 2013.
Congratulations to everybody that graded before Christmas. You all did really well. Now we need to start working towards the upcoming tournaments and the nationals in June.
See you all next week.
13th November 2012
We have entered a competition to win some equipment for the club. Please vote for us by clicking on the link below:
Please spread the word and get as many friends, family and work colleagues to vote as possible.
15th October 2012
On Sunday we held another successful league competition at The Campus. Lots of our judoka are showing plenty of progress and it is nice to see you all competing so well.
Picking up the silver medal was the team captained by Austin. Strong performances were put in across the team.
Connor, Tom, Theo, Megan and David
Austin, Alex, Bradley, Freddie and Angelina taking the silver.
Winning the event was Connor's team. All members of the team showed some outstanding judo throughout the afternoon.
Connor, Tom, Theo, Megan and David collecting their gold medals
8th October 2012
A massive well done to everybody who took part in the Portishead tournament yesterday! We took a large contingent of judoka and everybody performed exceptionally well. For many it was their first tournament outside of our club and for others it was their first tournament competing in a higher weight category. You all did the club very proud.
The following judoka took part and, without exception, fought really well on the day with commitment and good technique:
Codie White - Cody competed really well with a more experienced opponent to win the silver medal.
Joshua Morgan - Joshua overcame an early injury and showed courage to complete the remainder of his bouts.
Jake Richards - Despite losing his first contest, Jake  grew in confidence and put together and impressive run of victories to win the bronze medal.
Reece Drennan - Reece got off to a slow start losing his first fight in uncharacteristic fashion but came back strong to win a number of bouts convincingly.
Freddie Priddle - Faced with a tough draw, Freddie put in a committed performance and fought well in his first tournament at this level.
Bradley Hams - After winning his first fight with an ippon throw, Bradley eventually lost out to much more experienced opponents despite putting in positive performances.
Bradley Timbrell - Bradley put in a committed performance trying to use good technique, but was unable to reach the medal bouts in a fiercely contested weight category.
Alex Sharpe - Another judoka in his first tournament at this level, Alex put in one of the performances of the day in stringing a number of victories together, but was unfortunate not to finish in the medals.
Taylor Plaistow - Taylor just missed out on winning what was arguably the best fight of the day in his first fight. With both judoka scoring a wazari, the fight was taken to golden score. Despite a huge ammount of effort neither judoka was able to score and Taylor narrowly missed out on a split hantei decision.
Charlie Morris - Charlie bought his usual levels of enthusiasm and cheeriness to his first big event and put his best efforts into his contests.
Alex Cox - Having just moved up a weight category, Alex was faced with a couple of very strong opponents and competed really well giving an outstanding account of himself.
Liam Byrne - Another judoka taking part in his first competition at this level, Liam was unfortunate to face some very strong opponents but still managed to show some promise.
Connor Santo - Connor was competing in a category with some very strong opponents, and particularly in his second fight, Connor showed a great deal of fight and commitment and was rewarded with a bronze medal.
Austin Harling - After a nervous start in his first competition, Austin put in one of the performances of the day to string together a number of ippon throws on his way to a very well deserved bronze medal.
Amy Rossiter - Despite sustaining an injury in her opening contest, Amy did well to earn herself a bronze medal.
Ian Rossiter - Sakura Bana's only senior competitor on the day, Ian attempted to take his contests into his areas of strength on the ground, but came up against more experianced judoka.
Lemonie Georgiou - Lemonie is always a competitive participant and added to her growing collection of medals with a bronze.
 Lemonie, Jake and Amy with their medals.
26th August 2012 NEW LADIES ONLY AIKIDO.
We will be starting a ladies only Aikido session on Thursday nights from 20th September at Mead Vale Community Centre. The one hour session will start at 7.30pm and is open to all ages from 12 upwards. Come along and try a different martial art. You don't need to be fit to start. Mother's bring your daughters to have fun and learn some self defence. For more information contact Glenda Chapman on 07876 342439.
11th August 2012
The Calendar has been updated to reflect the coming year. Please keep an eye on the calendar as events will be added / amended throughout the year. if you would like any further information on any of the events, please speak to Glenda.
Remember that we are continuing to train through the summer at The Campus on Wednesday nights 6.00pm to 7.00pm for beginners and 7.00pm to 8.00pm for graded judo.
29th June 2012
Congratulations to Glenda for achieving the grade of 1st Dan in Aikido. Glenda will be teaching Aikido at St. Martins on Tuesdays in term time and Wednesdays at The Campus through the summer holidays.
Anybody interested in taking Aikido lessons should contact Glenda on 07876 342439.
25th April 2012
Welcome back for the new term everybody.
The IBC Easter course was a huge success. 14 of our judo and aikido members attended and benefitted from some top quality coaching and the opportunity to train with different people from different clubs. Special mention must go to Paul Thomas and Tom Frost who both impressed in Aikido and were both promoted to 5th Kyu yellow belt.
Tom Frost also excelled in judo and was awarded the Dave Chappell trophy for best junior on the course.
We have plenty happening this term so please keep one eye on the calendar. The next event is junior league at the Campus on 20th May. Please make the effort to take part.
25th March 2012
Today was our annual club championships and awards presentation. Across all weights and ages we saw a lot of commitment, determination and above all some good judo. Congratulations to all who took part and continue to improve.
Girls U30Kg
1st - Lemonie Georgiou - Henbury
2nd - Savannah Buzzard - Sidcot
3rd - Rebecca Cox - Mead Vale
Boys U20Kg
1st - Charlie Morris - Campus
2nd - Charlie Nichols - Campus
2nd - Bobbie Bryne - St. Martins
Boys U25Kg
1st - Reece Drennan - Campus / Mead Vale
2nd - Jake Richards - St. Martins
3rd - Bradley Hams - Campus
Boys U30Kg
1st - Luke Hams - St. Martins
2nd - Alex Sharpe - Mead Vale
3rd - Connor Haines - Campus
Boys U40Kg
1st - Quaid Wilson - Henbury
2nd - Tom Frost - St. Martins
3rd - Liam Bryne - St. Martins
Boys Open
1st - Brennan Brown - St. Martins
2nd - Connor Thomas - St. Martins
3rd - Tom Griffiths - St. Martins
3rd - Zack Brannan - Campus
Annual awards went to:
Judoka of the Year - Connor Thomas - St. Martins
Boy of the year - Quaid Wilson - Henbury
Girl of the year - Lemonie Georgiou - Henbury
Best newcomer - Reece Drennan - Campus / Mead Vale
Spirit of judo award - Bradley Timbrill - St. Martins / Mead Vale
Also awarded were:
Fletcher Stanley - 7th Kyu yellow 1 red
Reece Drennan - 7th Kyu yellow 3 red
Quaid Wilson - 5th Kyu yellow 3 orange
Tom Frost - 3rd Kyu
Zack Brennan - 3rd Kyu
Mark Hams - Regional referee award
12th March 2012
Well done to everybody who competed at the Tora Judo Kai Invitational Championships this week. All of our members showed great levels of determination and some wonderful judo with plenty of ippon throws was on display. It is clear that the hard work in training is paying dividends and there is massive improvement from all of you. Keep up the hard work.
U25Kg Boys - Gold - Rhys Williamson
U25Kg Girls - Bronze - Lemonie Georgiou
U30Kg Boys - Gold Tom Frost
U50Kg Boys - Gold - Connor Thomas
U60Kg Boys - Silver - Zack Brennan
O60Kg Boys - Silver - Tom Griffiths
Intermediate Boys - Silver - Renz Vallerjera 
Strong performances were also put in by Luke Hams and Cameron O'nion.   
17th February 2012
Please note amendments to the training times. Aikido is now 6.00 to 7.15 at St. Martin's School on a Tuesday night. Churchill training sessions will now take place at Avon Ski Centre.
19th January 2012
A belated happy new year everybody.
Well done to everybody who graded before Christmas and has progressed in grade. Your grades reflect the hard work you have put in on the mat. Keep up the good work.
The judoka with their grading certificates at the Christmas party
The calendar is being constantly updated, so please keep an eye on it. New dates added are as follows:
29th January 2012 - South West League - revised time of 2.00pm at The Campus.
12th Feb 2012 - Kata Course at The Campus 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Orange belts and above should attend as Kata will form a part of your next grading.
11th March 2012 – Portishead championship. This tournament is open to all judoka 8 years old and over including seniors. Please see Glenda if you are interested in entering. It would be nice to see a large contingent from our club entering.
We will be opening a new club at Mead Vale Community Centre on 30th January where we will be training from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. There is a special introductory offer of £6 for the first two lessons.
We continue in our fund raising efforts to raise much needed funds for the club. After the success of the last one, we will be holding another cake stall at the South west league on 29th January. It would be greatly appreciated if you could show your support by baking some cakes.
23rd November 2011
Christmas is coming and everyone is invited to our party!
We are holding our Christmas party at The Campus on 7th December from 6pm to 8pm. Tickets are available now and cost £3.00 each. There will be games, food and presentation of the grading certificates.
We are also currently selling raffle tickets for the draw at the grading on 4th December. All proceeds are going into the 'Parents and Friends' fund which is currently dedicated to raising the money to pay for our new mats. fund raising to date has gone really well, so please help us raise the final amount required by purchasing raffle tickets. Prizes currently include:
- Family ticket to Court Farm
- Family ticket to Wookey Hole
- Take-away meal from Pappadums
- £20 Tesco shopping voucher
- Plus many more.
A big thanks to everyone who has donated a prize.
17th November 2011
Attached at the bottom of this page is our letter of thanks to the Weston-super-Mare Lions Club who kindly contributed £250 to our mat fund.
15th November 2011
Sakura Bana Judo Kwai had an outstanding day at the International Budo Council national championships on Sunday and brought back the following medals:
Lemonie Georgiou girls under 30k Gold
Lemonie receiving her gold medal
Tom Frost Boys under 30k Gold
Connor Thomas Boys under 50k Silver
Amy Rickwood Girls over 55k Silver
Amy Rickwood Girls Open Bronze
Renz Vallejera Boys under 55k Gold
Renz Vallejera Boys under 60k Gold
Renz Vallejera Boys open Silver
RenzVallejera Boys intermediate Gold
Renz also won the spirit of judo tropy for the second year running
Amy, Tom and Renz with their medals
All students fought very well with a good standard of judo. The contest of the day was between Renz and Charlie Perry of the Anglo Japanese. The contest was so close that it went to referees decision resulting in Renz's Silver medal.
Also thanks to two new referees to the nationals - Lisa and Paul you were both great and timekeepers Tracie and Aimee Tabrett. Without them giving their time to do this we would not be able to hold these events.
13th November 2011
We held our first 'Parents and Friends' meeting on 2nd November. The purpose of forming the group is to take the club forward in terms in fund raising, organising events and general promotion of the club. The meeting was well attended and the minutes are attached at the foot of this page.
Club badges are currently being produced which we hope to have on sale at the grading on 4th December. Hopefully you will all buy a club badge which we can wear with pride.
Well done to all of those who took part in our recent league competition. It was a hugely enjoyable event with some good judo on display.
Finally a big thank you to the Lions Club of Weston-super-Mare who made a huge contribution of £250 towards our fund raising efforts for the new mats. Please show your appreciation by supporting the Lions Club in all of their fund raising efforts in the town.
23rd October
Well done to all of those who took part in the South West league today. The gold and silver winning teams are pictured below:
We managed to raise £160 towards the mats today, so well done to everybody. A special thanks to Tracey and Emma for running the cake stall.
14th October 2011
As most of you will be aware, we have had to purchase new mats for our St. Martin's club, and we now need to raise a further £500 to pay for them:
On 23rd October we will be holding a cake stall before the league competition at The Campus. The cake stall will open at 12.00 noon before the league to catch the other users of the Campus. We hope as many of you as possible will bake and donate as many cakes, buns, jams and pickles etc. as you can. Cakes etc. can be brought to the campus for 12.00 on the day or delivered to Glenda up to 24hours before.
29 Kent Ave West Wick BS24 7FL
On 4th December we will be holding a raffle at the Campus to be drawn at the grading. If you know of any company or person who would donate a prize please let me know as soon as possible, we already have two a vouchers for an indian take away and hairdressing. Look forward to your ideas.
Should any members think of any further fund raising ideas, please speak to Glenda. 
3rd October 2011

Four members of Sakura Bana Judo Kwai entered the Tora Kwai judo championships in Portishead on Sunday 2nd October.


Bradley Timbrill (St. Martins) overcame his initial nerves to take home a silver in the under 20Kg boys.


Tom Frost (St. Martins) took silver in the boys under 30Kg by demonstrating his usual technically outstanding style of judo before losing out to a more experienced opponent in the final.


Quaid Wilson (Henbury) won bronze in the boys under 30kg, also showing a high standard of competitive judo.


Luke Hams (St. Martins) also fought very well in the boys under 30Kg division, just missing out on a bronze medal when defeated by Quaid in his final fight.


All of the boys fought well, especially as the older three had just gone up a weight category and were competing in the largest group against older boys with more experience.


Well done boys – you all fought very well.


Bradley Timbrell receiving his silverBradley Timbrell receiving his silver medal
The Under 30Kg boys (L to R: Tom Frost, Quaid Wilson and Luke Hams)


25th September 2011 On 11th September several members of Sakura Bana Judo Kwai attended the national training course at The Busen, Twickenham. The session was led by former European and World champion Darcel Yandzi. As you would expect from training with somebody of that calibre, the session was incredibly informative and rewarding. Please read the attached report on the training session at the bottom of this page.
2nd September 2011 All members please note that term time training commences week beginning 20th September, in the interim we are still training at The Campus Wednesday nights - 6.00-7.00 beginners and 7.00-8.00 graded judo. Please check the calendar for forthcoming dates and events.
4th August 2011 We will be holding a week long summer school at The Campus week commencing 15th August. Two sessions will be held each day. The first session is an excellent opportunity for beginners and total novices to give judo a try. These will be fun introductory sessions for all ages 5+. The second session will involve intensive training for graded judoka aimed at development at improvement of technique. For further information, or to reserve a place, please contact Glenda Chapman on 07876 342439.
21st July 2011 There is a weapons course being held on Sunday 24th July 2011 at The Campus. The course will be led by Bob Sherrington, 4th Dan Aikido. Cost is £7 per person. It would be nice to see as many of you as possible.
25th June 2011 Congratulations to everybody who did really well at the gradings over the past week. Please note that from 20th July until the beginning of the Autumn term, we will be training at the Campus on Wednesday nights. Beginners 6pm to 7pm. Graded class 7pm to 8pm.
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