Research Interests 

  • Optoelectronics, solar cells, organic electronics 
  • Nano-photonics, quantum optics 

Research Experiences 

  • Nanoscale Science and Technology Research Group (2014-Present) 
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Md. Kawsar Alam 
    Focus: Nanoscale device modeling, photovoltaic devices, optoelectronics 
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (2013-2014) 
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan
    Focus: Biomedical image processing


  • Md. Sadman Sakib Rahman, and Md. Kawsar Alam, “Effect of angle of incidence on the performance of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells: A unified optoelectronic analytical framework”, AIP Advances, vol. 7, pp. 065101-1–065101-15, 2017.
  • Sumaiya Wahid, Mahnaz Islam, Md. Sadman Sakib Rahman, and Md. Kawsar Alam, “Transfer Matrix Formalism Based Analytical Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Perovskite Solar Cells”, IEEE Trans. Elec. Devices, in press.