Saurabh Khanna

    PhD student

    Signal Processing for Communications Lab

    Electrical Communication Engineering Dept.      

    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore     


Hi, I am a PhD student in the Electrical Communication Engineering department of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My research focuses on the design and analysis of Bayesian techniques for joint sparse signal recovery. My thesis advisor is Prof. Chandra R. Murthy. I completed my undergraduate in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 2007. I was also with Texas Instruments, India from 2007-2016 working on WLAN, GNSS and FMCW radar technologies.

My research areas includes compressive sensing, structured signal processing and statistical learning theory.

Curriculum Vitae.


#202, Signal Processing (West) Wing                         Email: sakhanna@iisc.ac.in