Comrade Saketh Rajan

   It is right to rebel !

A long list of betrayals.

Tipu Sultan (1750-1799)

Amongst those who had betrayed Tipu  Sultan, Mir Sadiq and Poorniah top the list. Mir Sadiq and Poorniah, who were the Prime Minister and Dewan of the Sultan respectively, had conspired with the British in destroying the Sultanate of Tipu.

It is recorded in his biography that during the fourth Mysore war, when he was fighting the last and most fateful battle of his life, Mir Sadiq had approached the Sultan with the advice that he should come to terms with the British.Tipu ultan is said to have retorted that 

"It was better to live like a tiger for one day than live like a jackal for a hundred years."

On May 4th,1799, the british army aided by the betrayers broke throught the defending walls and Tipu Sultan died fighting.

In 1839,David Wilke painted a large work entitled 'Sir David Baird Discovering The Body of Sultan Tippoo Sahib'(above)

At the centre of the painting Sir David Baird stands above Tipu, a sword in one hand and his other arm raised in victory; to the right, a Scottish soldier leans forward, holding a lighted flare to illuminate Tipu's body. The interpretation of the painting is unmistakeable. Baird was imprisoned by Tipu in 1780, but survived to lead the attack on Seringapatam and see Tipu dead at his feet. 

Comrade Chandrashekhar Azad (1906 -1931)

Betrayed by an informer on 27 February 1931 Azad was encircled by British troops in the Alfred park, Allahabad.

He kept on fighting till the last bullet.Finding no other alternative, except surrender,Chandrashekar  Azad shot himself.


Chandrashekar Azad's dead body kept on  public display by the British to serve as a warning message for other revolutionaries.

Comrade Saketh Rajan (1963 - 2005) 

Betrayed Again ! This time by a bajrang dal informant shesha gowda who informs the police about his whereabouts.

Acting on the information about 80 Karnataka  policemen divided into four groups, led by Dy. SP Shivakumar reaches the  place from all directions around 1.00am.

At 6.00am when the squad emerges they begin to fire on Comrade Saketh Rajan and his companions while they were trying to descend down a slope in the Atyadka Forests of Chikkamagalur district in Karnataka. 

Comrade Shivalingu who was Saketh Rajan's bodyguard lays down his life defending his beloved leader.Comrade Saketh Rajan asks his other compatriots to flee while he holds the police at bay.

Injured in the gunbattle, he fights on valiantly and single handedly thwarts the police from advancing and in the process saves the lives of his comrade. 

Surrounded by heavily armed police,an injured Saketh Rajan fights on, when his AK- 47 rifle jams rendering him inactive and defenceless.The police overpower him and torture him for information, while they inform high command of the capture and wait for instructions.

Upon recieving the green signal from their masters the police fire a single shot at close range into his head blowing up his head into a gory mess.Even in death he never bowed his head even once.

In an elaborately planned execution, Comrade Saketh Rajan is killed in a brutal,barbaric and inhuman manner,this is done to send out a message to other communist revolutionaries.

Important questions that need to be answered 

Q.Why did the police kill Comrade Saketh Rajan in such a brutal manner ?

A.The police claim that it was a long distance shot that killed Comrade Saketh Rajan but any forensic expert worth his salt will tell you that the manner in which Saketh Rajan's head was blown up shows clearly that it was his skull which  bore the entire brunt of the shot and it had to be fired from close range to have had such a strong impact. 

The police ideology is such that they believe that the manner of killing should frighten more than the killing itself. This was essentially done to send a message to other communist revolutionaries,his supporters and well wishers that you could be next.

Counter-revolutionary forces all around the world have used similiar methods to supress people's movement. In chattishgrah too Salwa Judum militiamen attack and kill Maoist sympathisers in a brutal manner as a warning message to other sympathisers.

Q.Why did the police bury his body secretly even when the Karnataka Chief Minister Dharam Singh had himself promised to hand over the body to his supporters ? 

A.  The liar CM Dharam Singh promised to hand over the bodies but refused to stop the ongoing operation against the Naxalites. Even as the sympathizers and supporters began making arrangements for paying the last tributes and homage to the beloved comrades, the police stealthily took away the bodies from the mortuary and cremated them without the presence of the relatives or the sympathizers. 

True to his chameleon nature the CM approved the cremation of the bodies by the police. As the news of the cremation leaked out the supporters and sympathizers, who were in the mortuary protested against this inhuman conduct of the police. 

Panicked by the growing anger of the revolutionary masses and the sympathy wave among the wider sections of the broad masses, and fear of exposure of their brutalities and conspiracy, the police conducted the cremation by using brutal force. More than 400 policemen were mobilized at the crematorium; and the cremation was completed by deception and at gunpoint.

Clearly the police had a lot to hide, with the body in the hand of his supporters it would be easy to determine the veracity of the police claims.Morever the torture would have left signs on his body which the police did not want anyone to see.

The Karnataka Police has now drawn up a list of various human rights activists, intellectuals  and social workers whom it plans to target in coming days in a similiar fashion.

 Rest in Peace - Comrade Prem - Our beloved leader

 Prem Amar Rahe ! 

Thousands of youth inspired by Comrade Saketh Rajan's exemplary life, dedication and sacrifice have now embarked on fulfilling his incomplete mission.

     " Today I will die.... but one day I will return again.. with millions....  " - Comrade Prem


The Lionheart of Mysore shall one day roar again !