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Readers contributions and dedications 

If you have been inspired by Comrade Prem ,the Naxal Movement or by any other leader,cadre who was a part of the Naxalite movement then we invite you to send in your dedications in the form of paintings, drawings, poems,articles .We will publish it on the website. 

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May 29, 2007

Tamil Poem on Com Saketh Rajan - By Arasubalraj

5th august 2006

Saketh Rajan - RAGE 

A reader who does not wish to be named today mailed us this sketch of Comrade Prem titled " RAGE "(below).It shows a raging Comrade Prem weeping tears of blood for two young social workers Hajima and Parvathi - who were shot dead by the trigger happy Karnataka Police in November 2003. You can read about the fake encounter here