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Making History - by Saki (Comrade Saketh Rajan)

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Making History- II

This book outlines the development of Karnataka history from the time of British conquest of Karnataka in 1799 till the war of Independence in 1857.

On what basis did the British partition Karnataka? 

What was the content of the Subsidiary Treaties the British signed with different kings ? How did the 

British consolidate their rule without upsetting the social order of feudalism? 

Why did the local landlords support British rule? 

Did the british check or did they contribute to caste oppression ?What was the nature of the new state the British established ?

What was the impact of British colonialism on the broad masses ?What was the political response of the masses of Karnataka to British domination ? How and why did the people conduct armed struggle to fight the British ?What was the political thrust of the peasant insurgencies that shook Karnataka druing the period ?

Did Karnataka really show up prospects for a burgeoise democratic revolution ?

Based on a wide range of primary and secondary sources this book makes an analytical narrative of the development of Karnataka history from the time of British conquest of Karnatka in 1799 till the War of Independence in 1857.

Contrary to biased history writing,it makes a comprehensive and objective presentation of the people's history of Karnataka,adopting the mathodology of Historical Materialism.

This book is a sequel to the first volume,which traced Karnataka history from the first signs of human habitation till the time of British conquest.

The third volume is to explore into the impact of British colonialism on Karnatka from 1858 to 1947.(Which may never come )

Front Cover : Franciso Goya The shootings of May third 1808,oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid,Spain 1808.

The painting depicts the shooting of spanish peasant guerrillas  outside a village by Grench troops druing the long drawn Spanish war against French occupation.


Back Cover: A contemporary painting of Sangolli Rayanna on  horseback kept in the shrine at his graveside.

Making History -I has been sold out and very few copies of Making History -II remain.