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Red Salutes to Com Shivalingu

Com. Shivalingu hailed from a middle peasant background in Sindhanur Taluk of Raichur district. Inspired by the revolutionary peasant movement in Raichur, he joined the student organization in 1998. When the rural work in Raichur was withdrawn and shifted to Malnad in 2001, he readily accepted the party’s call to join the armed squad and discontinued his studies. 

A young revolutionary, at the age of around 25, he was a very active and determined fighter. Although he was new to the Malnad region, his hard work and dedication to the cause of revolution inspired the Adivasis and other oppressed masses of that area. Within a short period, he gained the confidence of the masses of Malnad and became an organizer. The hard terrain and the bloodsucking leeches did not deter him from the path of revolution. 

Though he was not much experienced in field craft and military techniques he was a valiant fighter and showed grit in the encounters with the enemy. He was the guard for Com. Saketh, when the incident took place. He laid down his life in the struggle to protect the life of the leadership and for the liberation of the oppressed masses. He was a well-disciplined guerrilla soldier ready to undertake any responsibility given by the party.

He was killed on February 6th, 2005 along with Saketh Rajan. Shivalingu was shot in the stomach from behind.