Organizer of AICTE , ISTE and IEEE Sponsored One Week STTP on 'Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning'    Lead person  for the zonal partner on project  AI and ML worth £ 3,39,000 GBP, in collaboration with Bennett University, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and AICTE, New Delhi   Organizer for Bennett University
AI&ML Workshop


 Coordinator for one week STTP On 'Role of Computer Science and It’s Applications in Smart City Development'  for Faculty Members.  Organized a guest lecture by Dr.Juan C. Correa ,Fundacion Universitaria Konard Lorenz,Bogota, Colombia for P.G. Students for sharing research work.
 Organizer for one week STTP On 'Big Data Analytics,Cyber Security and IOT '  for Faculty Members.
 Member of Jury for IEEE-AIYEHUM Challenge 2016.  Convener for 4th National Conference January 2016
 at 2nd Ph.D. Colloquia
Guest Invitation from Istanbul, Turkey
Guest Lecture delivered at UNEXPO, Venezuelan 
Bord Member at 4th International On-Line Conference,Zlín ,Czech Republic
 Organizing Secretary , 2nd NCRTIS,GHRCE,Nagpur,India  Organizer of STTP on Cloud Computing and Virtualization,GHRCE,Nagpur,India  Member of Advisory Board at 2nd ICAET 2015,Nagpur,India
 Convener at3rd  NCRTIS, GHRCE,Nagpur,India  Committee Member at  RGI-TRPCS 2014
 Co-Convener at Tekfest'12 RGCER,Nagpur,India

Best compliment from great researcher               Dr. Michael N. Huhns , Director of the Center for Information Technology, University of South Carolina ,Columbia, SC


Dream to work as research scholar at University of South Carolina Columbia, SC

 Convener of One Week STTP on Open Source Data Mining Tools , Dec 2015
A guest lecture at Brijlal  Biyani Science College, Amravati on  ‘Carrier Opportunity after Graduation’
 A Guest lecture at Brijlal  Biyani Science College,  on  Career Opportunity after Graduation’ at S.G.B. Amaravati University ,India
 Appointed as foreign expert in the three members panel committee at University of Petrosani, Romania.
 Inter Disciplinary Research paper publication with Multi-International Research Scholars from Australia, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Venezuela.                                                                 

 Poster Selected at The British Psychology Society's Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference 2015,University of Kent,UK
  Organized the Prestigious visit at                    The Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi  for MCA students.
 Workshop Coordinator for "Technical Communication" organized by IIT,Bombay