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Assignments & Turnitin


For courses, the Assignments tool allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments. Assignments are private; student submissions are not visible to other users of the site.Turnitin, the web service that checks for originality of a student's work, is available through this tool.

Key concepts

Multiple grading options: You can choose letter grades, points, pass/fail, checkmarks, or ungraded assignments.

Multiple submissions: You can choose to allow students to submit an assignment multiple times.

Returning an assignment: Assignments can be returned, with or without grades, for resubmission.

Offline review: Instructors can download all submissions to an assignment to their computer at once.

Grade access: When instructors release grades for an assignment, students can access instructor comments and their grades.

Student view: Clicking Student View allows you as an instructor or site leader to view assignments as they would appear to your students or project participants. To learn more about using student view, see Seeing how assignments look to participants.

Honor pledge: This option requires students to check a box affirming that they have neither given nor received aid on an assignment before they can submit it.

Provide scheduled or immediate feedback: Instructors can set a model answer or all-purpose item to provide immediate feedback to an assignment submission, or to provide feedback at a scheduled date and time.

Private notes: Instructors can add private notes (i.e., notes students cannot access) to an assignment.

Things to consider

Turnitin Service

Turnitin Antiplagiarism software has been licensed by Ithaca College and is available within the Assignments tool. Instructors do NOT have to have an instructor account in Turnitin to use this service through Sakai.  NOTE:  When using Turnitin in Assignment set up option Student Submissions "Single uploaded file only".

The following checkboxes are available in the Assignment settings.
Turnitin options screen shot

If you check  "Use Turnitin" a Turnitin Originality Report will be available with each student's submission in a column labeled "Turnitin".  If you check "Allow students to view report"  a link to the report will appear in the student's view of the Assignment in Sakai. When a report is available you will see an icon appear as shown below.

For a quick overview, just look at the color of the icon. It is based on the percent that overlaps items in the Turnitin database:
  • Red 75-100
  • Orange 50-75
  • Yellow 25-50
  • Green 0-25
  • Blue exactly 0
Click on the icon to view the report and to view which text overlaps with text found on the web and in the paper databases.

  • Even if you don't check "Allow students to view the report" students will receive and email from allowing them the option to log in to view the report directly with
  • Only the attachments get submitted to Turnitin, not the text the student types into the Sakai editor.
  • Only the first attachment gets submitted and it doesn't update when a paper is resubmitted UNLESS the first submission is removed by the student. It is best to allow only one attachment in a Turnitin assignment.  Example. If student submits an attachment to Sakai assignment, that attachment will get a report from turnitin.  If the student submits a second attachment, it won't get submitted to Turnitin.  However, if student removes the first submission and then attaches another document, then a second report will be generated and be available to the instructor and/or student.
  • Turnitin understands plain text, HTML, Microsoft Word, Postscript, PDF, and RTF TXT, PPT
  • Turnitin will not review attachments larger than 20 MB.
  • Turnitin reports may take 30-60 minutes to appear.
  • Standard Paper Repository puts paper in Turnitin's repository. Institutional Puts Respository paper in a repository for Ithaca College.
  • Peermark is NOT available in Sakai's integration with Turnitin and are only available through
  • Grademark does function in Sakai for paperless grading in Sakai.
  • Grades given in Grademark are not transferred to Sakai Gradebook or Assignments tool, however, students can see comments.
Click Turnitin Antiplagiarism Software for more information about Turnitin at Ithaca College.

Instructions to add to a Sakai Assignment using Turnitin.

Your assignment will be submitted to Turnitin for analyzing its similarity to sources on the web, databases, and other student papers and will be submitted to the Turnitin Repository. The paper must be submitted as a single file < 20 MB in size and in a format of plain text, HTML, MS Word (.doc and .docx), Postscript, PDF, PPT,and RTF.  Text typed into the text box, will not be submitted.  If your instructor indicates, you will be able to see the Originality Report, which may take up to an hour to process.  If your professor uses Grademark, you can click on the Grademark button on the upper left of your Turnitin Report.

Known Issues.
  • Avoid using special characters in the Assignment title.
  • Due date changes in Sakai may cause issues.
For more information on Turnitin see

If you don't see Reports after 1 hour contact the ITS Helpdesk., 607 274-3657

Help documentation

For help documentation about the Assignments tool, see Assignments.