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Sakai is a system for collaboration. It can be used for courses, research projects, student clubs, or any other group that has information that they want to share, and that wants to use communications tools such as mailing lists, chats, and discussions.

Sakai is organized into sites. A site is a collection of information and communication tools intended for a specific set of people. Sites are often used for courses or sections of courses, for departments, or for project teams.

Any user with an Ithaca College NetPass ID can create a project site. In the process of creating a site, you need to think about two things:

  • Who will use the site? You can add members yourself, allow members to join, or specify that everyone enrolled in a course is automatically put into the site.
  • What information and tools will be available on the site. You can place documents, spreadsheets, etc. in the site, and allow other site members to do so as well. You can make specific documents or whole folders public or limit access to site members. You can add tools such as discussion groups, mailing lists, and chat rooms.

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ITS Helpdesk

Support for Sakai is offered through ITS. ITS provides technical support through the Helpdesk and training support through Instructional Support Services. All questions should be directed to the ITS Helpdesk, Monday through Friday, 8 am until 5 pm.

ITS Helpdesk
104 Job Hall
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Thank you to the Sakai community, and Rutgers University in particular, for sharing their general Sakai documentation. IC has built on this valuable work in the construction of this support site.