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Find below a file MUST REFER FOR ICP.
  • Link for EBook "Let us C" by Y. Kanetkar, Click here
  • Link for Computer Fundamentals by P. K. Sinha, Click here

Lab File Format
Instructions for writing Lab Experiments:
1. Each new experiment should start from new page.
2. On Interleaved side, you have to write Program Output with Pencil
2. Each experiment will start with following format:
    Program : < Title of the Program >
    Hardware Used : Intel Pentium PCs
    Software Used : Microsoft Windows 7, Turbo C Compiler;
    Now Actual Program

    Result : The desired out of the program is achieved.

Question Bank of ICP - Click Here

For Solution Manual COA - Click Here

Guided Self Study Course (GSSC) Assignments for Batch 2013-17 B.Tech.(E&T)
You are required to submit the Following CAO Assignments on A4 size paper
Assignment 1, Click here
Assignment 2, Click here
Assignment 3, Click here
Assignment 4, Click here
Assignment 6, Click here

You can Refer this Book for Computer Architecture
Click Here for the book

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