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Odd Semester : July 2016 - Nov./Dec. 2016

1. M.Sc.(NT&M) Sem.3- Open Source Server Management
Study Material : Module wise
Module 1 Complete : download here
Installation of Red Hat Notes : download here
New - All 15 Self Work Assignment in zip format :download here
New - Question Bank with page no for probable solution :download here
Lab File: Download here

2. M.Sc.(NT&M), Semester 1 - Introduction to Networks

For Syllabus : Click here
For LAB File (ZIP Format) Download here
Modified - Question Bank All 11 Modules, Here
PPT Module 1 Download here
PPT Module 2 Download here
PPT Module 3 Download here
PPT Module 4 Download here
PPT Module 5 Download here
PPT Module 6 Download here
PPT Module 7 Download here
PPT Module 9 Download here
PPT Module 10 Download here
IP Addressing n Subnetting, here
Module 11 QB, here

3. M.Sc.(NT&M), Semester 1 - Server Administration
For Syllabus : Click here
For Lab File, Click Here
Question Bank Module 1, Download here
Question Bank Module 2, Download here
Question bank Module 3 n 4, Download here
Home Assignment 1 Download, 2 Download

4. MCA, Semester 1 - DCNF

Odd Semester : 2015-16
MCA, Batch 2015 for DCN
MSc.(NT &M), Batch 2015 for Server Administration
BSc.(H), Batch 2014-17, BCA (Dual)

IMPORTANT !!!! : Home Assignment 1 (From module 4) - Download, Home Assignment 2 (From module 5)- Download
New : NHSB LAB FILE : Download here
            Cover Page for the Lab File, Download Here
            (Make Necessary changes)
Link for Video

B.Tech.(E&T) - Find below a file MUST REFER FOR ICP.
  • Link for EBook "Let us C" by Y. Kanetkar, Click here
  • Link for Computer Fundamentals by P. K. Sinha, Click here

Lab File Format for B.Tech.(E&T)

Instructions for writing Lab Experiments:
1. Each new experiment should start from new page.
2. On Interleaved side, you have to write Program Output with Pencil
2. Each experiment will start with following format:
    Program : < Title of the Program >
    Hardware Used : Intel Pentium PCs
    Software Used : Microsoft Windows 7, Turbo C Compiler;
    Now Actual Program

    Result : The desired out of the program is achieved.

Question Bank of ICP - Click Here

For Solution Manual COA - Click Here

Guided Self Study Course (GSSC) Assignments for Batch 2013-17 B.Tech.(E&T)

You can Refer this Book for Computer Architecture
Click Here for the book

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