Sonja Jimenez, L.Ac.

Licensed  Acupuncturist, CranioSacral & Medical Massage Therapist 
Empowering True Self through Shamanism

Ever had a brain injury or experience any abuse? I specialize in CranioSacral Therapy, along with Somato Emotional Release and trained through the Upledger Institute


Acupuncture is best known for treating pain, even though this ancient healing modality has treated colds, high blood pressure, PMS, allergies, anxiety, stroke, migraines and many other ailments for centuries. I fell in love with Acupuncture 14 years ago, being able to work with some of the masters in the field, I've gained knowledge that is not taught in any school. My love of the medicine brings my patients great healing and as most of my patients say, "I didn't even feel the needle." A very powerful gift to be able to give a treatment without causing any pain, since a lot of people are fearful of needles. 

I have also chosen to specialize in facial acupuncture, I trained under Virginia Doran, L.Ac., because I simply enjoy helping people feel younger at heart and in spirit. I found facial acupuncture to be very beneficial both for a persons' external appearance and for their inner self. 

CranioSacral Therapy and Transpersonal Journey Work

Combining Acupuncture and CranioSacral therapy is a powerful channel for dreamwork, relaxing the mind and allowing the heart to open enables the patient to heal from within. Most Shamans perform healing's for patients in the spirit world. In this work both is done, I communicate with the spirit world and invite patients along on the journey. I find when patients participate in their own self awareness of their healing they have a greater appreciation and understanding of the healing process.

The journey work combined with acupuncture and craniosacral therapy allows the practitioner to assist the patient in their Awareness and Empowering of their true self. This work has provided a clearer understanding of ones subconscious mind, healing emotional traumas and ancestral healing's. This work is very powerful and requires specific training. I have studied and continue to study with Hank Wesselman at, Sandra Ingerman at and Nan Moss at

May the spirit world be with you, within you and all around you. May you feel the purpose of your every step on your path in this life.




Acupuncture    Initial Visit  $140

Follow-up    $85

1.5 Hour Combo Acupuncture & Specific Massage     $120

2 Hour Combo Acupuncture & Specific Massage     $160

Facial Acupuncture $110  (min. 12 visits recommended)

CranioSacralTherapy & Trans-personal JourneyWork


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